By Jan Schilde

    Climate activism in Berlin has taken on narcissistic traits – and it’s becoming more and more criminal.

    The climate stickers have crossed another border. With a plan, criminal energy and violence, they cut through a fence and occupied the BER runway yesterday, breaking into a security area. They laughed, happy like children about their coup.

    Of course we report on the activists. It seems that’s the only thing that matters to them now. protest for its own sake.

    The fundamentally good cause they are supposedly fighting for has completely faded into the background. The poster they had with them doesn’t have a catchy slogan. Even on their social media channels, you have to search a little to find a political message about yesterday’s action.

    The freeway blockades have become routine and no longer attract enough attention. As if intoxicated, like drug addicts, they are looking for a new kick. Your protest is narcissism. That’s why he’s so annoying.

    Only they themselves are important, they need more and more to please themselves. They do not put their concerns, not their opinions, only their own interests above the interests of all other people.

    And they act more and more criminally instead of creatively.