The promise episode previews week 25-29 September 2023

New week in the company of the Spanish soap The promise which, as already mentioned last week, from Monday 25 September changes time to make room for the day time of the new edition of Amici di Maria De Filippi, broadcast immediately afterwards Men and women from approximately 4.10pm. The Promise is thus postponed to 4.40pm in a shortened version which will keep Canale 5 viewers company for a handful of minutes until 4.55pmwhen it will be the turn of Myrta Merlino and her Afternoon 5.

​​​The Promise it is made up of a first season of 122 episodes and a second of 119 and is broadcast in Spain on La1. The soap begins when Jana Exposito arrives at the palace, a new maid who hides a secret linked to the estate: she wants to find out what happened to her mother 15 years earlier, killed while working for the Luján, and what happened to her brother who was kidnapped as soon as he was born.