The morning show 3 fashion and outfits: Stella Bak’s style

The Morning Showthe series of Apple TV+, returned to fashion in November 2023 with the 3rd season, which recently ended. The events continue from season 2, and the main protagonist is always her, Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston), who divides her time between her old role as host and her new role as a post-pandemic podcaster.

Gen Z and work, a fluid relationship

Meanwhile, the company seems to be foundering, but the efforts of the most prominent employees, from the co-anchor, are keeping it afloat. Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon) to the new boss girl Stella Bak (Greta Lee), dealing with the growing power of their male colleagues and the intrigues of the editorial staff, which focus on important issues such as theempowerment hey woman rights at the workplace.

The Morning Show 3: return to fashion

The third season of the show picks up on that too fashion trend which has distinguished it since its origins: just think of the cameo of Pierpaolo Piccioli in the seventh episode Strict Sctiny. And if the duet in Valentino looks by the designer and Jennifer Aniston goes down in history, there are many fashionable outfits that stand out in The Morning Show 3. Among the most prominent for the defined style, that of the new boss Stella Bak, played byactress of Korean origins Greta Lee: the young, ambitious first president of the online section of UBA, the show’s online media company, aimed at a Millennial and Generation Z audience.

Young career woman, how do I dress?

The character, already present in the second season, in the third he evolves professionally. And this involves a change also in terms of styling. Fashionista of choice, Stella Lee wears some of the more captivating looks of the series. And with his new role as leader of the media company’s news division, he offers one advice on how to dress for all the girls who find themselves in roles of power at an early age. Stella’s progressive ideas are reflected in an avant-garde wardrobewhich mixes pieces low cost with luxury outputs. Never banal, it plays with cuts and colorsas well as with brands, ranging from Zadar to Stella McCartney to Sacai.

Stella Bak with Stella McCartney’s suit in The Morning Show 3 (Photo: Apple TV+).

The evolution of Stella Bak’s wardrobe

The reward for creating one of the best dressed characters from TV series of yesterday and today goes to three costume designers of the show, Debra McGuire, Sophie De Rakoff And Beth Lancasterwhich explain a People the evolution of his wardrobe from season 2 to 3. The sweatshirt remains, but is worn under the suit and is signed Loewe instead of Nike. «The differentiation in materials, mostly high-end, and in the silhouette is the key change in Stella’s wardrobe» – Beth Lancaster tells People. «Yes, it’s still the same Stella we know and love. But her closet soared when she started climbing the corporate ladder, making huge gains steps forward in terms of style».

Stella Bak in Loewe blazer in The Morning Show 3 (Photo: Apple TV+).

Stella Bak in’s most successful outfits The Morning Show 3

Which? The more intellectual and formal approach given by the new role of leader is contained in some unforgettable outfits The Morning Show 3. In the episode DNFthe third, strikes his attention lilac suit: a one-button blazer paired with slim trousers, all designer Stella McCartney. Just the colorful suit It is one of wardrobe staple of the character, who in another episode focuses on mint green by Zadarthis time a double-breasted suit with men’s trousers.

Among other notable outings in suits, the suit by Loewe gray worn over a plain hoodie white. And finally, the piece de resistance: the designer asymmetric blazer Sacai of episode 10, beige and black in color-block: a demonstration of superiority over all the others, at least in terms of look.

Stella Bak wearing McQ Alexander McQueen’s vest in The Morning Show 3 (Photo: Apple TV+).

Stella must be wary of the ruthless competition from her colleagues and defend her position with authority. Without distorting his being: that sportsmanship which has distinguished her since season 2 and is preserved in some of the outfits The Morning Show 3 which do not give up the more casual touch, and tastefully underline his personality. The case of cropped garments, for example: like the micro bomber from the third episode, again signed by the Japanese brand, among the most sought after and least seen in circulation. But also the wool vest by Alexander Wang: no visible navel, obviously, but a maxi white shirt peeking out.

How to copy his Gen Z-proof style

The office must-have to copy her? Undoubtedly, the cub. Stella Bak wears different ones depending on the occasion, ranging from printed models to solid colors up to the most sensual digressions. Cult piece for very young career womenthe turtleneck with the all-over logo by Marine Serrewhich he wears in the fifth episode Love Island; but also the high-neck fitted floral waistcoat model McQ by Alexander McQueen. Finally, the sheer lace turtleneck Undercoveranother luxurious and niche brand, worn under Gaultier’s tailored maxi waistcoat – in broad daylight.

Stella Bak in the Monique Lhuillier dress in The Morning Show 3 (Photo: Apple TV+).

Yes, because Bak can also be extremely sexy. The most feminine release: the short-sleeved black lace midi dress by Monique Lhuillier. A style that appears surprising every day, capable of facing new challenges, and at the same time pragmatic and effortless, just like Gen Z commands. Everything to copy.