The lying life of adults: the first images of the Netflix series

D.fter The brilliant friendwhose third season ended last Sunday on Rai 1, e The dark daughter – the film by Maggie Gyllenhaal awarded at Venice Film Festival with a Leo to the script – the focus shifts to another transposition by Elena Ferrante. Always Netflix: The lying life of adults, series in six episodes ready towards the end of the year.

Elena Ferrante, ace catch all

The writer, or the writer, evidently has the gift of making any of his products “scriptable” and, surely, the mystery component of his identity helps to grow the hype around his name and what it produces. Annamaria Guadagni even wrote a book for Garzanti: The legend of Elena Ferrante.

“The lying life of adults”: Valeria Golino is aunt Vittoria, Giordana Marengo is Giovanna. (Netflix)

The obsession, now transversal throughout the planet, to know the true identity of the author feeds the myth and makes her books unparalleled editorial successes. Success that is also translated to the places where the stories are setwhere literary tours are born and multiply continuously.

The hypotheses are many and the answer for the moment is not yet there: the Ferrante myth can therefore continue to flourish, generate interest and act as a sounding board for everything that carries the Ferrante “brand”.

The lying life of adults the first images of the elena ferrante series

Valeria Golino and director Edoardo De Angelis during the filming of “The lying life of adults”. (Netflix)

The lying life of adults

Like the quadrilogy of The brilliant friendalso The lying life of adultspublished in 2019 by and / or, is set in Naples. And it is the city, so important in Ferrante’s writings, that acts as a counterbalance to the protagonist, the adolescent Giovanna, who is trying to build her own identity in that complicated moment that is the transition between being a child and the begin to build as an adult. Where the search for one’s own path can often be mistaken for malice, for exasperated rebellion.

Two faces has Giovanna and two faces has Napleswhich is described in the pages of the book as follows: a continuous oscillation between high and low, between redemption and perdition. To mentor Giovanna in the streets of Naples is Vittoria, her aunt who will reveal many secrets, especially concerning the family.

The cast of the series

The direction of the tv adaptation de The lying life of adults was entrusted to Edoardo De Angelis while in the role of Giovanna there will be the rookie Giordana Marengo and in those of Aunt Vittoria Valeria Golino. To Alessandro Preziosi instead the role of the father Andrea ea Pina Turco that of the mother. Giovanna Ida and Angela’s friends will finally be played by Azzurra Mennella And Rossella Leg.

The shooting of the series, produced by Fandangobegan last November in Naples: San Giacomo dei Capri, in Rione Alto, Posillipo and again via Emanuele Gianturco, via Traccia, via Carlo di Tocco and via De Roberto: all roads of Poggioreale bordering on the Luzzatti districtwhich was set for the transposition of tv de The brilliant friend. After the Christmas break i clapperboard started again and, assures Netflix, the series will debut on the streaming platform before the end of the year.