The last will be the last: plot, cast and previews

CHon a very good one Paola Cortellesi neitherHis first real dramatic role, tonight at 9.20pm on Rai 2 goes on air The last will be the last. Film by Massimiliano Bruno shot in 2015 that tells the story the ordeal of a pregnant and jobless woman in the gray Roman province.

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The last will be the lastthe plot

Based on the theater show of the same name of the same Massimiliano Brunothe film tells the story of Luciana Colacci (Paola Cortellesi) a simple woman who works in a textile factory in Anguillara and who dreams of a dignified life together with husband Stefano (Alessandro Gassmann). The man is a good mechanic but he struggles with a thousand odd jobs unprofitable because he doesn’t want to work under a boss. And so Luciana is the one who drives the family financially.

In the meantime, Antonio Zanzotto (Fabrizio Bentivoglio), a shy Venetian policeman who falls in love with Manuela, a transgender, arrives in town who works as a hairdresser and cubist. Without realizing, however, that the woman is a trans.

Meanwhile, the happy news arrives at the Colacci house: Luciana is finally pregnant after years of trying but the happiness soon disappears seeing that her employment contract is not renewed. In parallel Antonio discovers that Manuela is transgender and breaks it off badly relationships.

Desperate and without a jobLuciana first tries in vain to convince her former employer to rehire her, then he goes to the factory and pulls a gun from a security guard’s belt and shoots it into the air. In an attempt to be listened to by the leaders and to demand justice. By pure chance, Antonio hears the gunshot and bursts into the factory, wounding the woman in the chest. Will Luciana be able to save herself and carry the pregnancy to term?

Paola Cortellesi in a scene from “The last ones will be the last ones”. (01 Distribution)

A comedy that makes you smile but above all reflect

Author of brilliant comediesand very successful, on the social and political distortions of Italians (No one can judge me And Long live Italy), Massimilano Bruno chose to bring one of his highly successful plays from ten years earlier to the big screen. Paola Cortellesi at the theater she was alone on stage with a monologue which retraced the dramatic events of his character backwards. Here instead we find the always convincing Alessandro Gassmann at his side in the role of the “calf” and slacker husband, e a melancholic Fabrizio Bentivoglio.

Gthe last will be the last It’s a bittersweet comedy: Yes, it gets a few laughs but it’s mostly just one reflection on a humanity without certainties. The story of a generation without points of reference, tired but determined to claim what she deserves. And, like in the good times of Italian comedy and authors like Pietro Germi and Dino Risi, irony becomes the tool to address important issues.

Helped by a screenplay that naturally balances tears and smiles, the film it is also an act of denunciation of the labor crisis: In theLuciana’s descent into hell is thus composed portrait of an Italy that struggles to remain honest. A country represented without discounts and without rhetoric, where the only plausible alternative to survive is anger and oppression.

An intense role for Paola Cortellesi

Much credit for the film’s success also goes to Paola Cortellesi’s performance in his first “all-round” role. Funny but tragic at the same time, the actress brings to the stage all the range of nuances she is capable of, perhaps with some dramatic nuances that are a little too “theatrical”.

His Luciana could be a granddaughter of the combative Adele of There’s still tomorrowfilm directed and starring the Roman actress who It’s been hitting the box office for weeks now.

Everyone hails her: da Nanni Morettiwho praised his courage, to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, to the secretary of the PD Elly Schlein. That responded to the actress and director’s appeal to unite all the Italian government forces for a shared table on education as a prevention tool against violence on women.