Six months after the Government and the Generalitat relations, frozen as a result of the Catalangate, and that ERC set out as an objective to reduce the pressure of “repression and judicialization”, the Executive and the Republicans sealed this Thursday what will be erected as the greatest (public) fruit of the dialogue table: the repeal of the crime of sedition.

    Congress, after a heated debate (one more, this time in the absence of the President of the Government), voted in favor of taking into consideration the proposal to reform the Penal Code presented by the two forces that make up the Government, PSOE and United Can. ERC, PNV, EH Bildu and PDECat, among others, voted in favor. Together and the CUP They were the only ones who abstained. The vote, which was nominal and by call, at the wish of the PP, due to the fact that the deputies of the PSOE had to ‘take a picture’, produced, shortly after one in the morning, a 187 to 155 already known in this legislature.

    It is no coincidence that the admission for processing occurred a few hours after the same lower house approved the General State Budget for 2023, with the support of Esquerra. Nor is it that in the budget debate, Pedro Sanchezafter a week of confusing messages issued by both socialists and republicans, will reiterate its willingness to extend this reform of the Penal Code to retouch the crime of embezzlement. These are the Schrödinger negotiations: they are independent, but, at the same time, indivisible.

    In fact, for the reform that could affect embezzlement, Sánchez used the same argument as 15 days ago, on account of sedition. Thus, he linked this hypothetical embezzlement reform to an effort to “approve & rdquor; the penalties for crimes in Spain to those of the “main European democracies & rdquor ;. With everything, and about the end that this debate on embezzlement may have, he pointed out an enigmatic “we are going to wait for the parliamentary process & rdquor ;.

    “At the dictation of Junqueras”

    The simultaneous debate in Congress on budgets and the reform of the Penal Code was one of the weapons used by the PP spokesperson, Cuca Gamarra, in his tirade against the Government. “They present this measure to us as if it were an additional provision to the State accounts. Sedition is only a problem for those who break the law, who are none other than Sánchez’s partners,” Gamarra snapped for whom the repeal of the crime “It has been done at the dictates of Oriol Junqueras and to the measure of the coup plotters“.

    The PP calls the independence movement “insatiable” and attributes the spirit of “humiliating the Government”

    For the popular, after assuring that the procedure chosen for this reform of the Penal Code is a “ruse”, it added that the PSOE “buried Montesquieu long ago [por aquello de la división de poderes] and unearthed Machiavelli”. “The independence movement is insatiable, Junqueras and Arnaldo Otegi have told them, and they seek their humiliation,” said the popular spokesperson for whom “Spanish citizens turn their backs on this repeal” because, in her opinion, the application of “article 155 is not enough, criminal punishment is required. Gamarra closed his interventions with a half-threat directed at the blue bench: “Spain will not forget.”

    The ERC leader in Congress, Gabriel Ruffian, warned that the repeal of sedition “is not a concession to ERC, but to democracy. To their democracy, so that they stop making a fool of themselves in Europe.” “We cannot change the Spanish judiciary. It is a structural problem of this country. We only aspire & rdquor ;, with this reform of the Penal Code, “to make it a little more difficult for the judge on duty”, he sentenced.

    “We cannot change the Spanish judiciary. We only aspire to make it a little more difficult for the facha judge on duty& rdquor;

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    Jaume Asens, of United We Can, directed their batteries towards Junts. He called them “liars” for stating that the new definition of public disorder is an attack on the right to demonstrate and “peaceful concentrations.” And he used the argument of the equidistance between extremes: “It is not a betrayal of Spain, as the PP says, nor is it a betrayal of Catalonia, as Junts asserts. It is political.”

    On the part of Together, Josep PagesHe hammered home that the independence movement did not commit any crime in the fall of 2017. “This is a partial suppression that has a brutal criminalization as its counterpart. We will not be the useful idiots who endorse this new sedition,” he asserted. The CUP explained its abstention from the reform due to the alleged danger it entails for civil protests of any kind, both secessionist and social, due to the crisis.