The events not to be missed: theatre, a festival for women and the Testori exhibition

dfter the success achieved with the project It’s not all Pink On the Roadthe traveling version of the homonymous podcast that tells women and their stories, was born today HƏr Fest: a festival aimed at giving voice to the dreams of all of them.

Some girls from the community “It’s not all pink”

The desire to unite, listen and reach more and more women who need support have always been the lifeblood of It’s not all pinkwhich this year has decided to organize a two-day festival for its first time, to be held on 25 and 26 March in La Faggiola (PC)with the aim of providing the necessary tools to face the challenges related to the working world and to the personal and mental sphere.

The posters of the “HƏr Fest” festival

The team led by Paolina Consiglieri and Arianna Basso, Business Developer, organized a weekend full of speeches, workshops, panels and one-to-one meetings with guests from all over Italy (and not only), from different sectors and backgrounds, in order to offer multiple points of view and bring examples of case studies that can act as a point of reference for those who are building their own path from scratch.

INFO: on March 25 and 26 a The beechnutState Road 45, No. 8 Gariga Podenzano (Piacenza) –

A life in pictures

The schedule of events of the Giovanni Testori centenary returns to tell the figure of a multifaceted intellectual, painter, art critic, writer, playwright, and investigates the relationship with “the urban territory that inspired his work” starting with God of Roserio on.

Giovanni Testori on Isola Bella, on Lake Maggiore, in 1948

Photo-novel Testori. Images of a lifetime is the exhibition, full of archival materials, dedicated to his public and private history.
INFO: Novate Milanese (Milan), Casa Testori, until 20 May.

Beyond the bars

The project Crossroads of theater and prison draws on the experiences of the Emilia Romagna Prison Theater Coordination for a week of shows, films, meetings.

“We war! The wonders of nothing” by the Opera Liquida Company (photo by Simona Giuggio).

The 27th opens I was the Milanese, live by and with Mauro Pescio; the short follows on the 29th Out, into this world with actors detained in the Rocco D’Amato prison in Bologna and on the 31st We war! The Wonders of Nowhere of the Opera Liquida Company.

INFO: Bologna, DAMSLab, from 27 to 31 March.

Solenghi as Woody Allen

God is dead and I don’t feel so good either is an evening one man show where Tullio Solenghi “meets” Woody Allen by reading some of the most ironic and biting passages taken from Know-it-all And Cite Himselfbooks by the great New York director and actor.

No images but only words to evoke Allen’s caustic and bitter irony, accompanied by a sophisticated musical accompaniment. Maestro Alessandro Nidi with his Ensemble takes care of the music, which ranges from George Gershwin to Tommy Dorsey, from Dave Brubeck to Klezmer music.

INFO: Milan, Teatro Carcano, from 30 March to 2 April.

Street art for a good cause in Milan

On the occasion of Follow the pinkcountryside Of IEO-MONZINO Foundation dedicated to the prevention and support of research for the treatment of female cancers, the project is presented in Milan Porta Genova IMPERFECT (I’M PERFECT) Lhe largest work of street art on a public surface created by Yuri Catania with the paste-up technique.

A rendering of “IMPERFECT (I’M PERFECT)”, the street art work by Yuri Catania in Milan

The project will be revealed on April 1st and will take place in Milan in Via Ventimigliawhere the installation IMPERFECT will remain visible until July 2023, on the walls of the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group, granted free of charge to the IEO-MONZINO Foundation for the project.

The idea of IMPERFECT bears the signature of Giulia Ruggeri, mother and osteopath, 42 years old, a husband and three children. Her personal experience of hers and her battle with breast cancer convinced her to try to leave a positive sign in which all the women who have lived the same path as her can be recognized.

AND Thus was born the idea of ​​associating scars with Kintsugi, an ancient Japanese art that uses gold to repair broken ceramics.

Yuri Catania working on the project “IMPERFECT (I’M PERFECT)”

Hence the contact with the visual artist Yuri Catania who portrayed 22 half-naked bodies of women who have undergone an oncological experience, restoring all the magnificence and feminine beauty. The furrows, scars, marks left following the intervention or interventions are over painted by the artist as in a performance by hand with gold paint.

The art of embracing the damage, of not being ashamed of the wounds, and of being able to welcome a new identity is the delicate symbolic lesson that this project wishes to communicate. Scars are nothing but signs of life, traces of experienceunique and precious furrows that transform the women who wear them into special beings full of a new beauty.

From the imperfection of a break, new forms of superior aesthetic perfection are born. IMPERFECT in fact can be read like this or I’M PERFECTwith the golden letters IM to underline the concept.

The artistic initiative is part of the prevention, awareness and fundraising activities of Follow the Pinkthe solidarity campaign of IEO-MONZINO Foundation in its fourth edition, which has the mission of informing everyone about the importance of prevention and early diagnosis, and of supporting the Research of the European Institute of Oncology on tumors affecting women.

A rendering of “IMPERFECT (I’M PERFECT)”, the street art work by Yuri Catania in Milan

In particular the support will go to the Women’s Cancer Center of the IEOthe first center in Italy reserved for the world of female cancer in its entirety: from the management of the risk of getting sick, to early diagnosis, to therapies, up to reintegration into everyday life with the recovery of the individual life plan.

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INFO: Milan Via Ventimiglia, 120 mt of CHARITY ART WALL by Yuri Catania. The inauguration will be on April 1st.