The date of Jorge Javier Vázquez’s return to Survivors 2023?

05/29/2023 at 18:20


Ion Aramendi drops the possible date of the return after his controversial “medical leave”

Will the presenter also return to Sálvame?

The last medical leave of Jorge Javier Vazquez has been very controversial, in part, because it coincided in time with the save me cancellation. There are many who have dropped that the presenter would not return to Mediaset after the unjustified end of his star program, but Ion Aramendione of the main faces of Survivors 2023, would have dropped when Jorge will return to television.

When will Jorge Javier Vázquez return to Survivors 2023 and Save Me?

In the last program Survivors 2023: Honduras ConnectionOwn Ion Aramendi has confirmed when Jorge Javier Vázquez would return to the program: “thank you for being there. Don’t miss Tierra de nadie with Carlos Sobera on Tuesday. And on Thursday gala with Jorge Javier. Hopefully! We send you a very strong hug, which Let’s hope he’s with us next Thursday, we miss him a lot“.

In theory, it seems that Ion Aramendi has escaped him the return date of Jorge Javier Vazquez to television, because neither the protagonist of the medical leave nor mediaset They had confirmed that he was fully recovered for the gala next Thursday, June 1, 2023.

However, it is impossible to know when he will regain his position in Save mesomething that should be done soon to forcefully present the final stretch of one of the most mythical programs on television.