The Central Bank revoked the license of “Conservative Commercial Bank”

“Conservative Commercial Bank” lost its license due to violations of a number of laws to combat the financing of terrorism and money laundering, the Central Bank explained.

The Central Bank has revoked the license for banking operations from the Conservative Commercial Bank (KKB), the message says. site regulator.

The license is revoked from Friday 11 February. As reasons, the Central Bank indicated that the KKB committed violations of laws in the field of combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism. In addition, the report says, the bank violated the federal laws and regulations of the Central Bank regulating banking activities, which is why the regulator has taken measures more than once over the past year, in particular, imposed restrictions on the implementation of certain operations.

“The activities of the credit institution were characterized by increased risks of its involvement in servicing the “shadow” gambling business, illegal participants in the financial market,” the Bank of Russia said in a statement.

The regulator considered that KKB did not in fact carry out “traditional banking”, engaging in e-commerce services and not studying the non-transparent sources of funds of clients and the economic rationale of their operations.

In terms of assets, the credit institution occupied 164th place in the banking system of Russia.


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