The choice of James Franco for the role of Fidel Castro infuriated the South American actors.

    James Franco will be seen as Fidel Castro in a novelty film. PDO

    American actress James Franco was chosen to play the iconic Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro in this year’s film Alina of Cuba.

    The choice of the American Franco for the role has aroused indignant reactions among the South American actors. Among other things, he gave his voice to Bruno in the movie Encanto John Leguizamo expressed his opinion on the matter on his own Instagram account.

    – How can this still happen? We’re invisible in Hollywood, but now they’re telling our stories too?

    Personally, he has nothing against Franco, but he thinks a Latino actor should have been chosen for the role. Leguizamo adds how with the incident, all respect for Hollywood and its streaming services has disappeared.

    – Absolutely confused. We boycotted everything.

    John Leguizamo is a Colombian actor.
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    Rage bursts

    Leguizamo wasn’t the only one intrigued by Franco’s casting. Also another Encanto movie voice actor, Jess Darrowcommented on the article.

    – What the hell is this?

    Argentinian actor in the wake of others Sol Rodriguez made his position clear regarding the choice of actors. He feels that he has been discriminated against because of his ethnic background and is outraged that Franco has to learn a Latino accent.

    – An accent that has made me laugh all my life? Told how I can’t speak English like Americans and told to practice.

    Also a Criminal Minds actor Jeff Torres tweeted his indignant opinion on the subject, because he feels that he is stuck with his own ethnicity. He reminds us that Latinos are constantly belittled everywhere.

    – I am still being cast in those generic roles of a South American drug dealer and suddenly James Franco is playing Fidel Castro.

    Source: CNN