Kiev receives only defensive weapons from London, Defense Minister Wallace said. Together with him, Britain sent a small group of instructors. He does not consider negotiations with Shoigu to be “a conversation between the deaf and the dumb”

    The supply of weapons to Ukraine is limited, it is done exclusively for defensive purposes. This was announced at a press conference in Moscow by British Defense Minister Ben Wallace, RBC correspondent reports.

    The short-range missiles that London has supplied to Kiev are needed for defense, they do not pose a threat to other countries until they “invade Ukraine,” the minister stressed.

    According to Wallace, the UK is not going to send special forces to Ukraine. A small group of military instructors who work in the country will leave the territory of Ukraine as soon as they finish training Ukrainian military personnel, he added.

    On February 11, Wallace held talks with his Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu in Moscow. Wallace said that he considered them constructive, and the dialogue was not like “a conversation between a deaf and a dumb person” (this is how Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov described the conversation with British Foreign Minister Liz Truss the day before; the British minister did not agree with this).

    Shoigu demanded from the UK to explain the special forces in Ukraine


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