«PWHY A CHRISTMAS RECORD NOW? Because I was tired of still listening to the one recorded in 2009». He jokes Andrea Bocelli who combined his voice with that of his children to record A family Christmas, disc that collects new interpretations of traditional songs arranged for all three voices and 2 unreleased: The greatest giftwhich celebrates world peace, and The most special day. Singing is a family attitude in the Bocelli house. TOthe two family artists, father Andrea and the talented Matteo, little Virginia also joined to give life to a Christmas record which, after being released in the rest of the world, arrives in Italy next Friday.

    Andrea, Matteo and Virginia Bocelli have recorded “A family Christmas (Photo Press Office)

    However, those who found themselves in Piazza Duomo in Milan this afternoon had a live taste of it. Andrea with Matteo and Virginia Bocelli offered a preview singing from the Mondadori terrace overlooking the square, effectively inaugurating the Milan Music Week.

    The birth of A family Christmas

    «The idea came from our record companies, mine and Matteo’s. We thought about it for a while because time was really short. We were helped by producer Stephan Moccio, the same as Celine Dion. I wanted to do it because I thought the message he would have transmitted was beautiful: the value of the family », said Andrea Bocelli as he met the press at the Museo del Novecento, before the exhibition in the Duomo.

    A world event

    The Bocelli family will perform in streaming in partnership with YouTube in an exclusive concert event on December 4th. The concert will take place in Gressoney, in Val d’Aosta and will also be a fairy tale full of symbols for very special Christmas greetings.

    The concert event on 4 December will be set in Gressoney

    The recording debut of little Virginia

    For the very young Virginia, 10 years old, daughter of Andrea Bocelli and Veronica Berti, A family Christmas it’s a recording debut. The little one of the family, who is also a young artistic gymnastics athlete and starred in Doc – In your hands, has already had the opportunity to come out. «I sang for the first time in front of an audience at the Teatro Regio in Parma, to help dad who is struggling a bit with English, I offered to sing the first part of Hallelujahbut for me it was like doing it at home,” she said.

    Andrea Bocelli and his daughter Virginia enchant at the Christmas concert

    Virginia, with dad and Matteo, he also recently sang at the White House and toured with an exceptional guide, President Joe Biden. “He showed me around. I was impressed by the oval office and that little door under the table », she said revealing a little secret with stars and stripes.

    Virginia Bocelli in Doc – In your hands

    A family Christmas, a family in music

    Like a new Trapp family, the Bocellis have always sung together. And they do it without much effort. «I’ve never worked because I’ve always done what I liked, said Tiziano Terzani. I steal the concept: I’ve been lucky enough to do what I like. Then there are the slightly complicated things: the interviews in English, the photo sets. But mine is a fantastic job that gives me the privilege of giving emotions. And since my life has been characterized by sad separations, including those for tours, knowing that this time we are all leaving together is nice», explains Bocelli who says he is «grateful to life».

    Virginia, Matteo and Andrea Bocelli

    The talented Matthew

    Very launched in his career, to record A family Christmas, Matteo took a break from work for his first album. “At first I hesitated to accept the project because I had to pause my first album which I will return to work in January,” added Matteo, son like Amos of the tenor’s first wife. «At home we have been making music together since we were born. But there was never any pressure. I listen to dad practice every day», says Matteo who will not follow his father in the path of lyrical pop. «From the first singles you can understand the mood I’ve been looking for. It’s pop, but each artist brings something of their own.” This mood of his, however, will not lead him to the next Sanremo Festival where he has already sung, guest with his father Andrea, in 2019: «At the moment there probably isn’t a song for Sanremo. If anything it should be, maybe next year».

    Matteo Bocelli with Bella Hadid at the Bvlgari – B.ZERO1 – XX Anniversary Global event at the Auditorium Parco Della Musica in Rome (Photo by Daniele Venturelli/Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images for Bulgari )

    “Not a happy Christmas for everyone”

    “Gift Christmas annoys me. I hope people reflect because this will be a sad Christmas for many and worrying for everyone. I hope that the music performs a small miracle and leads us to reflect on the authentic values ​​of this celebration, those of Christianity, the philosophy that could make this earth an earthly paradise,” said the tenor, speaking of next Christmas.

    Christmas at the Bocelli house

    What will Christmas be like at the Bocelli house? «In the name of what it represents: birth. We all get up and go to mass together, at the exit of the church it is mission accomplished»continues the head of the family. «I don’t know which was my best Christmas. I remember one in particular in which my father built me ​​a little train which for me has become the symbol of Christmas presents».