Whether PlayStation, Switch or Xbox – the prices for games, accessories etc. fall on Black Friday. TECHBOOK collects the best deals for you.

    For gaming fans, the week leading up to Black Friday is a good time to shop for bargains. Many shops are currently offering not only consoles but also various games and accessories at lower prices. TECHBOOK has selected the best deals for you.

    Gaming hardware for Black Friday

    Nintendo Switch + Mario Kart 8: Deluxe for 288 euros (-26%)

    Nintendo’s hybrid console is known and loved for its flexibility. For Black Friday, the normal red and blue version is now significantly reduced at Saturn and Mediamarkt. Also included in the price is the A-title Mario 8: Deluxe.

    The Nintendo Switch can be used both in handheld mode and stationary via the docking station on the large screen. In the Nintendo eShop, for example, there is a large selection of titles for the console, including exclusive Nintendo games such as “Zelda: Breath of the Wild” or various “Mario” games. Mario Kart 8: Deluxe is a popular kart racing game released in 2017. The game holds an impressive 92 score on Metacritic.

    Xbox Series S for 222 euros (-26%)

    As part of Black Friday week, Amazon is offering the Xbox Series S at a bargain price. The matching wireless controller is also included in the bundle. The S model is the slimmest and slimmest of the range and does not have a drive, but still offers high performance for gaming fans.

    While you may have to give up next-gen perks like 4K, you get an unobtrusively quiet console with nice graphics, backwards compatibility, and a good resolution, since most probably don’t have huge, high-resolution screens anyway. Overall, the console delivers really good value for money, made even better by the Black Friday deal.

    DualSense wireless controller for 48 euros (-20%)

    When it comes to next-gen controllers, there’s no escaping the DualSense Wireless Controller for the PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, the console is still difficult to get – but the controller is now available at a reduced price as part of Black Friday at TechnoMarkt and Amazon, among others.

    In addition to the precise haptic feedback, you get a controller with powerful, responsive controls, an integrated microphone and speakers, a motion sensor, additional individual key assignments and much more.

    Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller for 34.99 euros (-33%)

    There is also a counterpart for the Xbox, the Microsoft Wireless Controller, with a decent price reduction. The savings depend on the color: the white version, for example, is available for a full 33 percent less, the red is still 21 percent discounted at Saturn and Media Markt. The controller offers an additional button, for the first time also a USB-C connection and good impulse triggers.

    Razer Kishi iPhone for 49.99 euros (-43%)

    Anyone who likes to use their iPhone for mobile gaming will be happy to use a corresponding holder that expands control and simplifies handling. Manufacturer Razer enjoys a very good reputation in these matters. The Razer Kishi with Lightning connector offers two analog sticks in addition to the usual buttons.


    During Black Friday week, PlayStation players get a significantly cheaper PS Plus subscription. With this option, gaming fans have access to other free games and offers per month, among other things. Within the Black Friday offer you can save 25 percent on all three tariff options: Essential, Extra and Premium. The subscription then runs for 12 months.

    Black Friday video games

    The Last of Us Part I (PlayStation) for 59.99 euros (-25%)

    Even if the second part of the game caused a sensation, “The Last of Us Part I” also went through the roof at the time of release. It is not for nothing that HBO will soon even be releasing a series. In a dystopian future, humanity has been almost completely wiped out by a mysterious fungal plague. However, there is a cure in the genes of 14-year-old Ellie, which is why the grumpy Joel is supposed to take her across the destroyed country. The result is a story that is both narratively and graphically compelling.

    FIFA 23 Legacy Edition (Nintendo Switch) for 27.99 euros (-17%)

    The latest game of the popular soccer simulation FIFA is also available at a reduced price for Black Friday, for example for the Nintendo Switch. The 23er game provides new players and also teams from the women’s league.

    Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order (Xbox) for 7.49 euros (-89%)

    Even if the game does not offer the largest scope, the title from 2019 is still very playable. As a young Jedi Padawan, you must complete challenging levels while fighting against the Empire.

    Consoles at a glance

    Sony PlayStation

    Although there is already a new generation with the PlayStation 5, it is still difficult to obtain. Therefore, the PlayStation 4 is still the most popular console in the world. In no small part, that’s because it gives players access to a slew of exclusive titles. To name just a few notable entries: Bloodborne, Days Gone, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Shadow of The Colossus, God of War, the Uncharted series and The Last Of Us “. Almost all major game productions that are also released for PC and Xbox are also available for the PlayStation. The console also offers a cheap entry into the virtual reality world with the optionally available PlayStation VR headset.

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    Nintendo switch

    Nintendo also relies heavily on its own productions that can only be played with the switch. These include the hugely popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and many, many Super Mario and Pokémon games. With “Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit” Nintendo even dares to take the step into augmented reality (AR). An experience that you can’t get in this form from any other console. Nintendo now offers three versions of its console: the Lite as a pure handheld console, the normal Nintendo Switch and the Switch OLED with a larger and better display.

    Microsoft Xbox

    Even if Microsoft is increasingly focusing on an integrative strategy, there are still some exclusive titles for the Xbox. Among the most popular games are of course the “Halo” series, “Sea of ​​Thieves”, “Forza”, “Gears/Gears of War” and “Sunset Overdrive”, “State of Decay” and “Quantum Break”. Most of these titles are also available for PC, but not for PlayStation. Otherwise, Xbox owners can also enjoy top-class productions that are also available for PlayStation and PC. The currently best version of the Xbox is the Series X, the Series S is a little more compact.