All lamps on: Perfect illumination is essential for videos of all kinds. TECHBOOK shows the best ring lights in a large comparison – for every application.

    The dark season is slowly beginning and whether it’s a quick reel for Instagram, an important Zoom meeting or a short makeup tutorial for YouTube, the right lighting is essential for a good video. In front of the camera you want to be well lit, not too bright or too dark and not too conspicuously. How does that work? TECHBOOK shows the best ring lights for Instagram, YouTube and Co. in comparison.

    Why a ring light?

    Isn’t it enough to turn on the ceiling light for good lighting? Or digging up an old studio lamp from the basement? Unfortunately, the principle “the main thing is bright” does not apply to effective lighting: Incorrectly positioned or too bright lighting quickly throws unsightly shadows on the face and body and has a rather disadvantageous effect. What makes ring lights so practical is their shape, because the circular illumination means they don’t dazzle and don’t cast shadows on the face of the person in front of the camera – for example under the nose.

    Ideally, the camera should be in the middle of the ring light – but if you don’t only produce beauty reels, you can also place the light above or behind the camera. Depending on the application, there are ring lights with man-high tripods or small versions that are suitable for desks or can be attached to the smartphone via a holder. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot of money for top lighting: there are good models for less than 50 euros.

    Ring lights are particularly suitable for this:

    • Instagram videos and reels
    • Beauty shots and videos
    • YouTube videos
    • Twitch streaming
    • Product Photography
    • portrait photography

    What is important when buying a ring light?

    Finding a good ring light is actually not rocket science. Most models provide the necessary functions that users need:

    • Multiple brightness levels
    • Strong luminosity
    • Different shades of white

    In addition, of course, the workmanship and durability are particularly important: A ring light should not flicker, of course. A tripod should be included and it should be stable and easy to set up. If you save here, you will quickly get annoyed – especially the tripods of cheap ring lights quickly give up the ghost with frequent transport or a lot of assembly and disassembly. Apart from that, of course, the power supply also plays a role: is it battery operated or do you need a power bank or socket when you are out and about? The connection to a smartphone can also be helpful – the ring light can be controlled quickly and easily with the right app. TECHBOOK has compiled the best models in different price ranges:

    The best ring lights in comparison

    Inexpensive and compact, expensive and high-quality, with lots of accessories or plain and without frills? Ring lights are available for private use without high demands and for professional purposes or professional video shoots. These are the best models in comparison.

    Professional device and bestseller: ring light from Neewer

    The ring light from Neewer takes first place as an internet bestseller: more than 50,000 reviews at online retailer Amazon leave an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars. This is not only due to the decent scope of delivery, which comes with a Bluetooth receiver, carrying case and various holders for smartphones and SLR cameras – the ring light from Neewer shines very brightly with 240 LED lights. A disadvantage for some: the brightness can be easily dimmed, but the However, the light temperature cannot be regulated at the push of a button. If you want a warm white, you have to attach the included orange panel manually.

    The workmanship and quality of the tripod, on the other hand, are commendable and promise to be a loyal companion even if you change location frequently. Shortcoming: If you like shooting outdoors, you need a power supply. Neewer’s ring light does not offer battery operation – it is best suited for use in a studio or at home. At around 120 euros, the purchase here is not exactly cheap either – but for professionals and experienced video makers it is still a good price. If you don’t want to do without a battery, you will find an identical model with battery operation from Neewer for just under 150 euros.

    Ring light by Neewer
    size18 inches / 48 centimeters
    tripod height (max)155 cm
    lighting settingsdimmable
    mountsSmartphones, DSLR cameras
    particularitiesWith white and orange filter, with Bluetooth receiver, with flash shoe adapter, with smartphone holder, with carrying case


    • A lot of accessories
    • Strong luminosity
    • For smartphones and DSLR cameras


    • No battery operation
    • Light temperature adjustable only with screens

    The price-performance winner: Hama SpotLight Work Area 67

    A ring light like the SpotLight Work Area 67 from Hama is particularly practical because it is attached to a tripod. Thanks to the ball head, you can adjust it as you like for optimal alignment. The tripod tripod is also suitable for table use and is continuously height-adjustable from 13.5 to 17.5 centimetres. However, the lamp cannot be attached directly above the webcam of the laptop or screen, which is why it is rather unsuitable for video conferences. The cold shoe attachment above the ring light is useful for attaching various accessories, such as a small camera or microphone.

    The LED ring light draws power from a USB port. There is a control on the cable, but the light can also be adjusted using the supplied Bluetooth remote control. In the test by the specialist magazine Computerbild, the model from Hama impressed in the areas of lighting, scope of delivery and handling – and thus secured a top place. In terms of price, it is absolutely affordable at around 30 euros and rightly receives the title of price-performance winner.

    Hama SpotLight Work Area 67
    size6.7 inches / 17 centimeters
    tripod height (max)17.5 cm
    lighting settings3 color temperatures, 10 brightness levels
    mountssmart phones, tablets
    particularitiesSmartphone tripod, cold shoe, carrying case


    • Smartphone and tablet holder
    • Cold shoe attachment
    • less suitable for video conferencing

    Inexpensive set for ambitious TikTokers: ring light with tripod from GerTong

    The ring light from GerTong is of course not only intended for TikToker, but also serves as high-quality lighting for all advanced video makers. With a height of 1.50 meters and high luminosity, it is ideal for larger rooms. In contrast to Neewer’s bestseller, however, it is significantly smaller and lights up with just one LED tube instead of many individual lights. The color temperature can be set here at the touch of a button.

    The ring light easily holds smartphones up to 3.4 inches wide and smaller cameras – but it doesn’t make it to larger SLR cameras. The price of the GerTong set is around 50 euros – an absolutely reasonable price.

    Ring light with tripod by GerTong
    size12.6 inches / 32 centimeters
    tripod height (max)150 cm
    lighting settings150 settings and 40 RGB colors, 3 daylight colors (white, warm white, warm yellow), 13 levels dimmable
    mountssmart phones, cameras
    particularitiesDesktop tripod, USB powered

    • Extensive light settings


    • No battery operation
    • Light temperature adjustable only with screens

    Pnitri’s laptop ring light for video conferencing

    Yes, they exist: ring lights especially for use on your home computer. They are ideal for illuminating yourself advantageously for online conferences or video streaming – you cut a good figure with the laptop ring light from Pnitri both at job interviews and in the twitch stream. The 6.3-inch light comes with a clip for devices up to 1.5 cm wide and a small tripod for the desk.

    The ring light offers three light temperatures and the brightness is dimmable. The laptop clip, while useful, is too big for some models – it protrudes into the screen and can cover parts. Alternatively, the supplied tripod can also be set up. There is no battery operation – the small ring light must therefore always be close to a USB port. It is controlled with a control unit on the cable, there is no remote control or Bluetooth connection. On the other hand, the purchase is incomparably cheap: for around 15 euros, you are guaranteed not to go wrong with this purchase.

    Pnitri laptop ring light
    size6.3 inches / 16 centimeters
    tripod height (max)Laptop clip only
    lighting settings10 brightness levels, 3 daylight colors (white, warm white, warm yellow)
    mountslaptop clip
    particularitiesDesktop tripod, USB powered, tiltable


    • Perfect for the home office


    • Clamp obscures parts of the screen
    • No battery operation

    The mobile phone ring light with battery operation: Kodak mini ring light

    And it can be even smaller and more compact: the mini ring light from Kodak measures only around 10 cm and can be flexibly attached to all devices up to 1.8 cm thick. It is ideal on the smartphone – for spontaneous videos and reels with perfect lighting. Battery operation ensures around 90 minutes of runtime, with the user choosing between three light temperatures and adjustable brightness. 50 LEDs light up in the small ring light from Kodak and ensure uniform brightness – but this also ensures that the small light does not last for the specified 90 minutes at full brightness. At just under 30 euros, it is also a rather expensive gadget of this size. Nevertheless, the Kodak model is a good choice for a ring light to go!

    Kodak mini ring light
    size4 inches/10 centimeters
    tripod height (max)Smartphone clip only
    lighting settings3 daylight colors (white, warm white, warm yellow), dimmable
    mountsClip up to 1.8 cm
    particularitiesDesktop tripod, USB powered, tiltable


    • Simple and practical
    • With battery operation


    • Battery operation shorter than stated

    Conclusion: The best ring lights for Instagram, YouTube and Co.

    Great videos, reels or streams need good lighting – that much is certain. Anyone who records regularly or has important online conferences should invest in a ring light. You can certainly spend more than 100 euros for a good ring light with studio quality. There is usually a very high-quality tripod and in some cases even battery operation, for example with the models from Neewer. There are similarly good ring lights with slightly less power for around 50 euros – as the ring light from GerTong proves. If you don’t set your requirements quite so high or are looking for practical and small ring lights for your smartphone or laptop at home, you are guaranteed to be happy with the lights from Pnitri or Hama.