Would you like a different outing than to SnowWorld or Jump One? Then visit one of the extreme points of the Netherlands. Make it a weekend away, because from Zoetermeer it is best to drive to the most northern one point of our country.

    Just to be clear: the extreme points of the Netherlands are the most northern, eastern, southern, western, highest and lowest points. We omit the islands of Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao and Saba.

    Northernmost point

    The northernmost point of the Netherlands, without including the sea, is the Wadden Island of Rottumerplaat. On the mainland, that point is the North Cape, close to Roodeschool in the province of Groningen. By car you have to approximately 270 kilometers from Zoetermeer. It takes you about three hours.

    Northernmost point of the Netherlands | Photo: Google maps.

    Easternmost point

    The most easterly point of our country is located not so far from the North Cape. The Bad Nieuweschans border crossing in the municipality of Oldambt (also in the province of Groningen) can show off that title. It takes about three hours by car to cover the 260 kilometers.

    Easternmost point of the Netherlands | Photo: Google maps.

    Southernmost point

    If you drive from Zoetermeer to the southernmost point of the Netherlands, it will take you more than three hours. You will then cover more than 240 kilometers across the country. If you would fly like a bird, the distance would be about 176 kilometers. Not surprisingly, we find the southernmost point in South Limburg. Border post number 12 is close to the town of Kuttingen on the border between the Netherlands and Belgium.

    Southernmost point of the Netherlands | Photo: Google maps.

    Highest point

    If you are in Kuttingen anyway, you can immediately continue to the highest point in the Netherlands: the Vaalserberg. From boundary marker 12, the mountain is 7.4 kilometers away as the crow flies. By car you can bridge 9.2 kilometers of roads in about 16 minutes. You are then on top of the Vaalserberg. With 322.4 meters above ANP, this is the highest point in the Netherlands.

    Highest point of the Netherlands | Photo: Google maps.

    Westernmost point

    Do you like the sea more? Then head to the westernmost point of our country: the border crossing Sint Anna ter Muiden in Zeeland. You will find this point in the municipality of Sluis. Even though it is not on the coast, the sea is close by. From Zoetermeer you drive two and a half hours to cover the 200 kilometers by road. As the crow flies, the westernmost point is 120 kilometers from our city.

    Westernmost point of the Netherlands | Photo: Google maps.

    Deepest point

    Okay, the last point is the literal low point. In the Zuidplaspolder, close to Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel in South Holland, you are 6.76 meters below sea level. You can get there in no time from Zoetermeer: ​​within 20 minutes you can drive the route of 18 kilometers. If everything were under water, and you could sail to it in a straight line, you would have to bridge a little less kilometers from Zoetermeer, namely 12 kilometers.

    Lowest point of the Netherlands | Photo: Google maps.