Temporary Emergency Fund Energy offers support to vulnerable households | News item

News item | 07-02-2023 | 9:00 am

From 7 February 2023, vulnerable households with a high energy bill can turn to the Temporary Emergency Fund for Energy. For households eligible for support, the Emergency Fund pays part of the energy bill from October 2022 to March 2023. Households can now apply for support from the Emergency Fund for the entire period.

Who can apply for support from the Emergency Fund Energy:

The following households can receive support from the Emergency Fund:

  • The household has a gross income of a maximum of 200% of the social minimum. Then the gross monthly income is less than € 2,980 (single) or € 3,794 (cohabiting). The amounts include 8% holiday pay.
  • Households themselves have a contract for gas, electricity and/or district heating with an energy supplier. It does not matter which energy supplier. The bill is (depending on income) higher than 10 to 13% of the joint gross income.

How much support does a household receive from the Emergency Fund?

The Emergency Fund pays the part of the monthly energy bill that exceeds 10 to 13% of the joint gross income of a household. The support from the Emergency Fund is as follows:

Support Emergency Fund


(% of the social minimum)

Emergency fund pays portion of the utility bill
up to 160%above 10% of gross income
160 – 200%above 13% of gross income

How to apply?

All information about the application can be found at noodfondsenergie.nl.


The Emergency Fund Energy is an addition to Geldfit’s Energy Route: geldfit.nl/energie. The Energy Route is a guide that helps people with tips to save money and provides an overview of organizations that can help with money worries. Households can also check whether they are using all the schemes and facilities available to them.

The national government supports the Emergency Fund with a subsidy of up to €50 million. The amount of the subsidy is equal to the money that the energy suppliers and other companies put into the Emergency Fund. At the moment, companies and the government have each invested € 24.5 million in the Emergency Fund. The Emergency Fund now has € 49 million.

The Emergency Fund is an initiative of Eneco, Essent, Greenchoice, Vattenfall, NSR (Nederlandse SchuldhulpRoute) and SchuldenlabNL. The national government supports the Emergency Fund. Shell Energy, BudgetThuis, ENGIE, Pure Energie and Clean Energy also contributed to the fund.