When visiting VVV-Venlo, Telstar again had to wait a long time before a goal was scored. Mihkel Ainsalu’s goal in the 87th minute seemed good for three points tonight. However, the team of trainer Mike Snoei had to take the equalizer from Sven Braken in injury time: 1-1.

    The White Lions started the game well. After twelve minutes, a measured pass from goalkeeper Ronald Koeman Jr. reached over seventy meters Jonathan Mulder. Keeper Ennio van der Gouw, who made his debut, prevented the Telstar-back from opening the score with his foot.

    Despite the good game, Snoei’s team almost gave away the first goal of the game. A hard pass from VVV-Venlo attacker Daan Huisman was worked behind his own goalkeeper by defender Özgür Aktas. Fortunately for the Velsenaren, the ball only hit the crossbar. Towards the end of the first half, Telstar pushed somewhat. Yet the attempts by Christos Giousis, Mulder and Thomas Oude Kotte did not lead to success.

    After the break, a lot went wrong on both sides, but the home side was the most dangerous. One of those mistakes was made by Mulder. Nick Venema was able to take over the ball and was not selfish and offered Sven Braken an almost unmissable opportunity. The striker’s shot, who scored three times against Telstar last season, was felinely stopped by Koeman Jr.

    Goal Ainsalu

    Telstar’s goalie had to play several times in the second half to prevent VVV from scoring. Out of nowhere the goal came in the 87th minute on the other side. From a corner the ball just fell at the feet of Ainsalu who shot the 0-1 against the ropes. Telstar was on his way to the second win of the season, but still fell through her hooves in the final seconds. In the final offensive of VVV it was again Vomiting that hurt Telstar. He scored the equalizer behind Koeman Jr.

    Telstar climbs through the draw to fourteenth place in the first division with eight points from eight games.

    Setup Telstar: Koeman; Apau, Aktas, Oude Kotte; Mulder (Blackson/86), Ainsalu, Najah, Kruiver (Liesdek/86); Blommestijn (Min/67), Plet (Smit/76), Giousis