Telefónica could have the rights to the NBA and the Euroleague

03/22/2023 at 08:22


DAZN does not seem to be interested in getting the rights to these competitions

Instead, DAZN would be focused on being the definitive platform for soccer lovers

While DAZN stands as a platform for streaming perfect for soccer lovers, those in charge are forgetting to cover other sports like basketball. Almost without realizing it, this is a luxury opportunity for your competition in Spain, telephone through Movistar Plus, can be done with the broadcasting rights of such important competitions as the NBA and the Euroleague.

If you are a subscriber to Movistar Plusyou will know that at this moment you own the rights of the nba. However, these expire in the coming months as will happen with those of the euroleaguewhich is currently broadcasting exclusively DAZN. In other words, the time will come to renew the contracts, and as he has been able to find out exclusively Digital Economy, Movistar Plus would be the top favorite (and almost the only candidate) to win both rights.

Thus, it can be said that while DAZN would be considered the reference platform for football lovers, Movistar+ would be for those who prefer basketball. However, he would have in his possession the nba (highest basketball league worldwide) and the euroleague (the most followed European competition of this sport).