The reason was a long-running quarrel between two youth groups from Delft and The Hague, wherever drill rappers are part of it. This older brother had already been involved in a robbery at a supermarket. According to the judge, he was very easy to influence.

    In the other family, a 15-year-old girl and her two-year older brother were arrested. The boy has been sentenced for having a machete attacked a peer in a Delft shopping centre.

    But also in this family an older brother is in prison. For a serious stabbingj on May 6, 2021. The victim barely survived a knife stab to his ear and lower back. Both incidents concerned the same feud between the groups from Delft and The Hague, but now had an even more serious outcome. Revenge was exacted that same night 17-year-old Myron died. He was a friend of these brothers.

    In the meantime, things went downhill with the 15-year-old sister. Her mother says she ran away from school a few times in recent months. Help was called in, but according to the mother it was not enough. Youth protection, which supervised the girl, reported to the inspectorate.