Teemu Aura’s tips for the perfect bun

Teemu Aura gives tips for a successful bun.

The cinnamon rolls have just come out of the oven. Adobe Stock / AOP

– I love a bun, as I’m sure many other Finns do, says baker Patisserie Teemu Auran Teemu Aura.

Aura is happy that baking in general has become a “hard thing”, and with it also the bun. People, for example, set up Facebook groups where they share baking tips or criticize laskiais buns and runeberg tarts sold in the store.

– Such simple and small things move people. That’s great.

In addition to its delicious taste, the bun is also great because it doesn’t require any miracles to make it. The raw materials can be found even in a small local store, and making them does not require special skills.

A perfect bun is slightly moist.

Here are Teemu Aura’s bun tips:

1. Flour

The most common mistake in a bun is its dryness, which is caused by the amount of flour being exaggerated. Flour absorbs moisture and at the same time dries out the dough. The ratio of liquid and wheat flour is really important.

According to Teemu Aura, at the end of kneading, before rising, the dough should feel moist when pressed. It almost sticks to the hands, but it doesn’t.

There is no need to make it fancy with the flour brand. The main thing is that they are semi-coarse wheat flour.

2. Heavy

If you want to bake like a pro, do heavy work the day before. In other words, mix wheat flour, water, cardamom and yeast in a bowl. Put the heavy one in the fridge overnight, where it goes slowly.

Thanks to Rask, you get rootiness and acidity in the dough.

3. Elevation

Aura advises to rise the dough twice. The first rise, when the dough is made, is only about half an hour. The second rise, when the buns are on the tray, is long instead. It can be up to 45 minutes or an hour. The important thing is that the buns are fluffy when fried.

– You should give enough time for the second rise, so that the buns double in size on the baking sheet. The bun becomes fluffy and soft when it gets a lot of air inside, says Aura.

4. Frying

And finally, you still have to be careful with the frying, so that the bun does not become dry.

Cook the buns at a hot temperature, for quite a short time, i.e. at 220 degrees for about 10 minutes.

Aura herself prefers light to dark brown buns.