09/17/2022 at 04:56


    The Syrian air defense shot down a large part of the missiles fired by the Israelis, which were aimed at the air infrastructure and points in the south of the capital.

    Five Syrian soldiers they died this Saturday as a result of the explosion of several missiles launched by Israel against the Damascus International Airport and an area in the south of the capital, a military source informed the state agency SANA. The source added in a statement that around 00:45 local time this Saturday (21:45 GMT), “the Israeli enemy carried out a aerial rocket attack from the northeast direction of Lake Tiberias, targeting the Damascus International Airport and some points south of the city of Damascus.”

    Syrian air defense means shot down most of the missiles, according to the military source quoted by SANA, but others caused the death of five soldiers and some material losses.

    For its part, the NGO Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said in a statement that the Israeli missiles were aimed at “positions” in the Al Ghasula farms, near the Damascus airport, and the vicinity of Sayeda Zainab and Al Kiswa, to the south. of the capital, where “they are militiamen loyal to Iran“. The NGO, based in London and a wide network of collaborators in Syria, stressed that this is the twenty-fifth Israeli attack so far this year against Syrian territory, including the one that targeted the airport on the 6th international of Aleppo, in the northwest of the Arab country.

    That was the second attack on Aleppo airport in a week, and caused damage to its runway, for which the Syrian authorities had to suspend operations for three days. Israel regularly launches this type of action against the neighboring country, where it considers the presence of pro-Iranian and Lebanese armed groups allied with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to be a threat to its security.