tools to help parents control that their children’s social experience is a positive experience. The function also arrives in Italy Supervision of Parents on Instagramwhich allows parents to supervise their teen’s account.

    Hikikomori, tips to help children get out of social isolation

    Supervision on Instagram and parents are calmer

    That way, mom and dad will be able to see how much time do teens spend on Instagram and, if necessary, set daily limits.

    But they can also schedule breaks at specific times of the day and see which profiles they follow and who they are followed by. In addition, the feature allows you to receive notifications when the children decide to report an account or a postincluding who was reported and the type of content.

    New tools to help parents and educators make sure that kids’ social experience is a positive experience

    Children must give consent

    To activate the function, however, the parent must obtain the consent from the child to whom he will send an online request. The minor at that point will be able to consent or not to supervise your Instagram account.

    in fact, the permit is not mandatory and does not take effect automatically. Furthermore, both parents and teenagers can remove supervision at any time. When the teen turns 18, supervision is automatically removed.

    The Instagram Family Center: all the useful tips

    Instagram also launches the “Center for Families”, A virtual place that will allow parents to receive advice from experts, to encourage an informed use of the platform.

    New features for kids

    New functions also aimed at children, to help them manage their time on Instagram better. Meta, in fact, reads a note, is testing the new function globally “Discover different topics”which will encourage teens to switch to a different topic if they repeatedly watch the same type of content on “Explore”.

    Then there is the function “Take a break” which remembers precisely to “disconnect” from Instagram.

    Meta, explained by the company that controls the social network services Facebook and Instagram, in the process of developing its products, has moved in line with the principles contained in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).