Summary and goals of Palma Futsal-Benfica (4-3), belonging to the semifinals of the 2022/2023 Champions League

05/06/2023 at 00:22


The five Balearic had to wait until the last second to confirm a historic classification

Arthur managed to score the equalizing goal, but it was canceled after verifying that he did it out of regulation time

The Spanish team Mallorca Palma Futsal will play against the Portuguese Sporting Clube in the final of the Futsal Champions League by defeating SL Benfica 4-3 in a fast-paced gameelectric, with each of the divided balls fought to exhaustion and a permanent tension on the track turned into a pressure cooker by the noisy local fans.


Champions League




Palm Futsal

Luan Muller, Chaguinha, Eloy Rojas, Marlon, Cainan -starting five-Tayebi, Saldise, Cleber, Mancuso, Rivillos, Moslem


Leo Gugiel, Alfonso Jesús, Bruno Coelho, Arthur, Jacaré -starting five- Nunes, Cintra, Sobral, Chishkala, Rocha


1-0 min. 2: Tayebi; 2-0 min. 5: Mancuso; 3-0 min. 18: Tayebi; 3-1 min. 19: Chishkala; 3-2 min. 21: Gugiel; 4-2 min. 22: Cainan; 4-3 min. 25: Spare.


Nikola Jelic (CRO) and Vedran Babic (CRO). They sent off Rocha, from Benfica, with a direct red card (min. 28). They admonished Cainan (min. 3), Mancuso (min. 9), from Palma Futsal; to Arthur (min. 5), Sobral (min. 30) from Benfica


Second semifinal of the UEFA Futsal Champions League played at the Illes Balears Velodrome in front of some 5,000 spectators. Mallorca Palma Futsal will face Sporting Clube de Portugal on Sunday in the final for the continental title

The five Balearic Islands had to wait until the last second to confirm a historic ranking. Arthur scored the equalizer, but it was annulled by the referees after consulting with the table and verifying that the visitor’s goal was scored out of regulation time.

Palma Futsal he quickly took the lead with a penalty taken by Tayebi -reviewed by the referees on the monitor- and the 1-0 helped the locals set the pace of the match that best suited them.

The Benfica, with two World Cup and Euro Cup champion players with the Portuguese team, goalkeeper André Sousa and winger Afonso Jesús, he did not give up in his efforts to tie the match, but he did so at the cost of leaving spaces that Palma took advantage of to score two more goals.

The five Portuguese created chances, and He had them in different phases of the first part, although he always ran into a very successful Luan Muller. The Brazilian goalkeeper was providential when clearing a shot from point-blank range by Diego Nunes, a former Palma player, to the corner.

Benfica closed the gap with a goal in the epilogue of the first half and in the resumption of the second. When it seemed that the visitor’s reaction was imminent, Cainan made it 4-2, followed by a new Portuguese goal (4-3), the work of Gonçalo Sobral, which brought the game to a hectic end.

the portuguese five He played two minutes in numerical inferiority due to the expulsion of Rochabut the Spanish five did not take advantage of this circumstance to distance themselves further on the scoreboard.

The epilogue was endless for Palma Futsal in his objective to defend a result that qualified him for the grand final. Benfica sought the tie with the goalkeeper-player, a task carried out by Bruno Coelho.

Arthur’s goal that tied the game in the last play stopped at times the euphoria unleashed in a full Illes Balears Velodrome up to the flag

The anguish of an entire hobby lasted a few minutes and all the tension turned into jubilation and celebration in style when the referees annulled the Portuguese goal when verifying that Arthur had scored out of regulation time.