Striker Eran Zahavi returns to Israel’s Maccabi Tel Aviv. The 34-year-old Zahavi was transfer-free after his departure from PSV and has signed a contract for two seasons in his home country.

    Zahavi played for PSV in the past two seasons, where he scored 22 times in 50 league matches. Earlier he said about his departure from PSV: “It has been mutually decided that this is the right time to leave. I had a great time here. I love this club. remember things.”

    He doesn’t have to think long about his best memory. “That was the cup final. I will cherish that match for the rest of my life.”

    When asked about his motives for leaving, Zahavi cites mainly personal reasons. “I need a new challenge. But I am also leaving because of my family. We are ready for a new place. Of course things have happened in the past two years. They were difficult. But it is time to move on. Our time here it is.”

    The Israeli is referring to the two robberies that his family had to deal with. They had a major impact on the life of his family here in the Netherlands, although the PSV attacker was and still is grateful for the support they received.

    When announcing Maccabi Tel Aviv, the attacker said the love of the Maccabi fans left him with no choice but to return to the club where he had played for four seasons.

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