Among other things, skis were stolen from the Vantaa Ski Association’s storage containers.

    Ski equipment worth tens of thousands of euros was stolen from the Vantaa Ski Club premises. Ismo Pekkarinen / AOP

    A thief or thieves attacked the Vantaa Ski Club’s equipment containers on the night before September 8.

    The association says that among other things, children’s shared racing skis, adult test skis, valuable creams, a lubrication table and irons were stolen from the containers.

    – The thieves took tens of thousands of euros worth of skis, ski creams and maintenance equipment. The loss of the skis reserved for the joint use of children and young people was particularly regrettable. Skis are expensive, so with joint skis, many young people got alternatives to their competitive skiing equipment, the release states.

    – The skis were named after champion skiers of the past years, such as Mietaa and Marja-Liisa, so that knowledge of skiing traditions is passed on to young people.

    The police are now appealing to citizens who are about to update their ski equipment for the winter.

    – We now urge citizens to be careful when shopping for skis. If possible, you should verify the origin of the skis, said the crime commissioner Aleksi Topinoja In the bulletin of the Itä-Uusimaa police.

    The Vantaa Ski Club has started fundraising to acquire new equipment. There is a fundraiser behind this link.