stick to your advertising – Iivo Niskanen was amazed

William Poromaa got to the finish line unharmed, but crashed into his billboard after the finish line.

The men’s 15+15 kilometer combined race was already over on Friday when there was a bang at the finish line.

Came fifth William Poromaa fell after the finish line and hit an advertising sign at speed.

– I do not know what happened. I didn’t have time to think. I got stuck in the commercials, the skier laughed after the race.

Poromaa’s other ski got stuck under the sign. The skier looked pained and angry, but was not injured.

– I got angry when I just had to sit where I was, and I couldn’t get away. I was thinking how the hell am I not going to get out of this. That was the most annoying.

Niskanen surprised

William Poromaa ran into his advertisement at the finish line. PASI LEISMA

Poromaa got caught on the sign. PASI LEISMA

Poromaa had high expectations for the combined race. He was Fifth and remained the winner Simen from Krüger 46 seconds.

– It was sad when I lost the medal. It felt like I could be on the podium. My condition was good.

It was known that Finland Iivo Niskanen wants to drop the crowd from the ride with the traditional section. Niskanen picked up the pace already at the end of the first round, but the top group of 13 skiers came to change.

Poromaa was surprised that Niskanen didn’t put on more gas.

– I thought he would have a really fast pace. He did ski fast on traditional. I tried to stay behind him, but it was difficult to make decisions.

The Swedish skier had enough of a fight, as his pole flew into the Krüger lodge in Norway during a change of skis. Poromaa embarrassed the situation.

– It sounds like a lie when I say I didn’t plan it. It is true. I apologize to him. It was poorly done.

– However, he is a world champion.

Perttu Hyvärinen was tenth in the competition as the best Finn.


Men’s 15+15 km combined race:

1. Simen Krüger, NOR, 1.09,40,3

2. Johannes Kläbo, NOR, +12.2

3. Sjur Röthe, NOR, +14.1

4. Pål Golberg, NOR, +45.9

5. William Poromaa, SWE, +46.4

6. Calle Halfvarsson, SWE, +1.14,2

7. Friedrich Moch, GER, +1.14.9

10. Perttu Hyvärinen, +1.54.9

13. Iivo Niskanen, +2.44,2

22. Remi Lindholm, +4.31.0

Arsi Ruuskanen interrupted.