Statement of the day | Louis van Gaal has failed as national coach at the World Cup in Qatar

“We can become world champions.” National coach Louis van Gaal was convinced. However, the quarterfinals were the final destination for ‘his’ Dutch national team.

To be successful, Van Gaal opted for a 5-3-2 (self-titled 1-3-4-1-2) formation, watching for mistakes by the opponent. “Provocative pressing”, the national coach called this playing style – in the past also known as ‘counter football’ or ‘catenaccio’.

The chosen way of playing resulted in three wins, two draws and a place in the quarterfinals for the Orange. The goal of the KNVB was thus achieved.

However, the Dutch national team never made an impression. Fear of losing seemed to rule. It was only when (two) goals had to be scored, because a 2-0 deficit against Argentina threatened elimination, that the attack was chosen and ‘schwung’ came into the team.

But after this had indeed yielded the necessary goals, a more cautious view of the game was chosen (in extra time). With the eventual elimination after penalty kicks as a result.

What do you think? Has Van Gaal chosen the wrong tactic? Or did he get the most out of the group of players with his choice for this game concept. Comment below on the statement of the day.