State of emergency to demonstrate Canadian truckers against corona measures Abroad

The state of emergency, Wilson said, “reflects the serious threat to residents’ safety posed by the ongoing demonstrations,” he said in a statement. Watson, who earlier in the day had complained that there were more protesters than police could control, did not provide details on exactly what measures he will impose.

The demonstrations of recent days in several Canadian cities are the result of the ‘freedom convoy’ of Canadian truck drivers who are angry about the vaccination obligation that applies to international truck drivers. Last weekend, the drivers drove their trucks to the parliament building in downtown Ottawa. Since then, the protest has grown into a wider backlash against the corona policies of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government. The protests are well organized and partly funded by the United States, according to Canadian police.

Transport Minister Omar Alghabra on Saturday called on protesting truck drivers to go home. “The protesters in Ottawa have made their point. The whole country has heard their point.”

Many Ottawa residents are also fed up with the occupation of their city. An internet petition calling on police to intervene has been signed more than 40,000 times. However, the head of the metropolitan police says he has insufficient agents to end the blockades.


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