News item | 11-21-2022 | 09:05

    Allowances would like to point out to people who use one or more allowances the importance of reporting changes in a timely manner that may affect the amount of allowances. In addition, from 1 January about 500,000 additional households will also be entitled to one or more benefits. It is important for them to check whether they are eligible for a supplement from 1 January. That is why the national campaign ‘Check, adapt and continue!’ will start on 21 November.

    Campaign Check. Customize. And through

    Together with municipalities and other organisations, the Cabinet wants to draw people’s attention to their right to benefits and encourage them to apply for a benefit. Whether someone is entitled to these allowances depends, among other things, on income, family composition and other personal circumstances. More than 5.7 million households currently use one or more benefits. They will receive a letter shortly and do not need to submit a new application. It is important, however, that they check the information on the basis of which Supplements have calculated the new advance payment. That is why a major national campaign has been launched to inform people about the use of allowances. The campaign also pays attention to the importance of keeping the data on which Allowances base the allowances up-to-date. This prevents people who receive a supplement from being confronted with a refund.

    New applicants

    From 1 January, approximately 500,000 additional households will be entitled to one or more benefits. This is the result of the purchasing power measures taken by the Cabinet. It is important for them to check whether they are eligible for a supplement from 1 January. Applying for and adjusting allowances is easy to arrange online via The website explains exactly how people can apply for care, rent or childcare benefits and a child-related budget. A calculation tool will also be available from 25 November. Here they can calculate whether they are eligible for a supplement. The changes have already been incorporated from 1 January. People who nevertheless have difficulty arranging online applications for or changes to their allowances can receive support. For example, at counters and support points or via a Supplement Service Point: a network of fixed intermediaries with which Supplements cooperates. This includes aid and service providers such as libraries, senior citizens’ unions, forms brigades, local senior citizens’ organizations and social counselors. Through you can find a service point near you.

    Strengthen purchasing power

    People desperately need benefits to pay for health insurance, to rent their house or to care for and care for their child. It can be quite a bit of money.

    State Secretary for Allowances and Customs Aukje de Vries: “People are noticing that groceries are becoming more expensive and that energy prices are rising. I understand people are concerned about that. By increasing and adjusting the allowances, we can offer a helping hand to people who need support. And not only for the people with the lowest incomes, but also for the middle incomes.

    Stimulate applications for allowances

    As of 1 January, various allowances have been increased. The income limit has also been adjusted so that more people are eligible for one or more allowances. Research shows that there is a group of people who are entitled to one or more allowances, but do not use them. It is certainly now, at a time when energy prices are rising and daily groceries are more expensive, that it is all the more important that people actually apply for the surcharges. We want to change that with this campaign.