Stan van der Wal leads Leekster Eagles to victory with trainer Bas Lulofs in the base

The futsal players of Leekster Eagles/Amysoft got back on the boat to Den Helder with a 4-5 win. Relegation candidate Texel ’94 could not take advantage of the suspension and many injuries at the Eagles. Big man on the side of the Leeksters was Stan van der Wal with three goals.

The Leeksters traveled to Texel with a heavily battered selection. Due to injuries to Yoshua St. Juste and Luciano Matulessy, illness to Erolind Derguti and a suspension of Karim Layeb, Leekster Eagles trainer Bas Lulofs was forced to put on the futsal shoes himself. Nathaniel Staal, who normally plays in the second team, was also called up.

After Texel ’94 had taken a 1-0 lead in the first half, Mehdi Charaf-Eddine made it 1-1. After 9 minutes of play, the Eagles fell behind again. When Stan van der Wal had leveled the score again, it was Bilal Boundati who took the 2-3 lead. After another goal against, the parties went into the break 3-3.

Flying goalkeeper

After the break, Leekster Eagles took a 3-4 lead, thanks again to Van der Wal. With 7 minutes left on the clock, the islanders put the 4-4 on the scoreboard. Despite the tie, the Leeksters decided to take a risk by playing with a flying keeper. This risk paid off in the 4-5 that was shot in brilliantly by Stan van der Wal. He also determined the final score.

Man in shape

Stan van der Wal, man in shape with the Eagles, was delighted afterwards. ,,Despite our small selection, we were certainly not less. I think the great thing about futsal is that it has never been played. With a lot of willpower you are capable of a lot as a team!”

Since Leekster Eagles can no longer rise or fall, and has therefore become second in the relegation group and thus maintains itself in the premier league, Stan van der Wal likes to look forward to next season. ,,The objective of us as Leekster Eagles is to finish in the winner’s pool, and therefore in the left row. I would like to play in the absolute futsal top in the future. I don’t know if that will work with Leekster Eagles. So far I have not been informed by other clubs. I certainly feel at home at Leekster Eagles!”.