1/2 The 18-year-old Hasan is commemorated with fireworks (photo: Omroep Brabant).

    Dozens of relatives, friends and acquaintances commemorated 18-year-old Hasan from Bladel on Sunday afternoon. The man was stabbed on New Year’s Eve on Van Dissellaan and died on the spot. With flowers, balloons and fireworks, people paid their last respects to the victim.

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    Hasan and the also 18-year-old suspect had been at odds a few times before. Prior to last Saturday’s fatal stabbing, there was already serious assault and threat with a firearm. Where Hasan is now the victim, he was then the one who was convicted of the criminal offenses.

    On Saturday, December 31, things go completely wrong at the Van Dissellaan in Bladel. Hasan is found badly injured in the driveway of a house. Emergency services can no longer do anything for him and he dies on the spot. Police quickly identify a suspect in the fatal stabbing. It concerns an 18-year-old man from Bladel, who was arrested at home on New Year’s Eve.

    “He was loved despite everything and had a large circle of friends.”

    Two girlfriends of Hasan, who was stabbed to death, organized a memorial for their dead peer this Sunday afternoon. “We want to show that he had a large circle of friends and, despite everything, was loved by many people,” says one of the two young women.

    Hasan's family is very sad (photo: Omroep Brabant).
    Hasan’s family is very sad (photo: Omroep Brabant).

    About eighty people gathered at the football cage on the Herman Heijermanslaan. Among them also the sister, mother and grandfather of the victim. Hasan’s grandfather read a piece from the Koran, but got angry during the commemoration.

    “Hasan was also a friend, son and cousin and not just what the media says about his past.”

    What his friends especially want to show is that they support and continue to support Hasan. “He was also a friend, son and cousin and not just what is said about his past in the media,” says the girlfriend. The location of the meeting was not chosen randomly. “This is where our group of friends always met, this was also Hasan’s place.”

    After gathering at the football cage, the group leaves for Hasan’s parental home. They carry the white balloons and flowers with them. The latter are later offered by some to the deceased man’s mother.

    “We are grateful for all the compassion.”

    Hasan’s girlfriends are happy with the good turnout. “We are grateful that so many people have shown their compassion. We feel good about that.” The family of the deceased man also expresses their appreciation.

    Despite being loved by many people, Hasan has been convicted several times in the past two years. In 2020 and 2021, he must appear before the juvenile court several times for, among other things, public violence, attempted aggravated assault, aggravated assault, threats with a firearm and a violent home robbery.

    The man suspected of stabbing Hasan also has a lot to say. Threats, drug trafficking and causing grievous bodily harm. The 18-year-old suspect will remain in custody for at least two weeks for his possible involvement in the deadly stabbing on New Year’s Eve.

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