After Nike, Spotify is taking the first step into the metaverse. On May 3, the music streaming platform announced the arrival from Spotify Island in the creation game Roblox. This virtual environment takes the form of several islands that players will be able to explore to unlock new content and to buy merchandise in the colors of their favorite artists that can be reused in the game.

    Virtual objects in the colors of the artists

    The arrival of the music streaming giant in Roblox will take the form of an environment that takes up the visual codes of Spotify with great strokes of green hues. Players are encouraged to explore several locations, collect items and complete quests that will allow them to unlock up to four free virtual goodies, usable anywhere in Roblox.

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    An online store will also be integrated to allow players to buy various items such as guitars and other types of accessories to dress up their character. Spotify specifies that a share of the income generated by the sale of these objects will be redistributed to the artists. From now on it is possible to obtain objects in the colors of the Kpop singer Sunmi and later it will be the group Stray Kids.

    Spotify also claims to want to stimulate the creativity of players since the virtual island integrates its Soundtrap music creation tool. By moving in certain areas and interacting with the decor, it is possible to produce sounds and notes to compose your own music.

    Spotify wants to get closer to video games

    Since 2021, Roblox tries to position itself as an entry point to the metaverse and seeks to imitate Fortnitewhich for its part has already organized entirely virtual concerts, such as that of Travis Scott in 2020. For Spotify, it is a way of getting closer to the world of video games when the platform already hosts more than 2.2 million gaming-related playlists, such as game soundtracks.

    The integration of Spotify in Roblox will also allow the brand to reach an audience made up of young players from generation Z (born between 1997 and 2010) reports TechCrunch. Alia Calhoun, head of partnerships at Spotify, explains that the company “ wants to meet the next generation of gamers where they are, while opening up new opportunities for fans and artists to interact in-game. ยป

    The lens side Roblox is obviously to attract fans of the artists who might never have played the game otherwise. The position of Roblox as a player in the metaverse is not as obvious as that of Meta, which wants to offer total immersion with AR and VR, but the integration of real artists into its virtual universe is one more step to achieve his goal.