Sports judge: Verona, closed curve, insults to the Neapolitans and racist chants

The gravity and duration of the facts lead to the non-suspension of the sentence: the South will remain empty against Genoa

Verona will have to play a match with the Curva Sud sector without spectators (the next one at Bentegodi will be against Genoa). In fact, the sports judge writes: “Obligation for Verona to play a match with the lower and upper south curve sector without spectators in order to have its supporters in tune on several occasions, for almost all the fans crowded in the sector concerned (in the number of over 4000), various insulting choruses of territorial matrix towards the supporters of the opposing team, clearly perceived in the whole plant during the entire course of the race “.

No suspension

The press release reads again: “To have, moreover, in tune, in any case a significant percentage of the fans of the same sector (although not expressly indicated in the first case by the collaborators of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office but obtainable from the rest of the report) and in any case in such a number (beyond 1600) to be perceived throughout the system, choirs of racial discrimination against the Napoli player n.24 Koulibaly Kalidou at the 34th of the first half at the end of a game, and the Napoli player n.9 Osimhen Victor at the 9th of the second half after the same had collapsed on the playing field due to injury. The gravity of the facts, the size, duration and perception of the said choirs entail, nevertheless, the NON-application of the suspension of the execution of the sanction provided pursuant to art. 28, paragraph 7, CGS “.

Eight disqualified

Regarding the matches of the 29th day, 8 players were disqualified for one round: Marco Davide Faraoni, Ivan Ilic and Federico Ceccherini (Verona), Kevin Bonifazi and Nicola Domenico Sansone (Bologna), Mattia Zaccagni (Lazio), Giacomo Raspadori (Sassuolo ), Davide Zappacosta (Atalanta). A day of disqualification and a 5,000 euro fine for Roma assistant coach Salvatore Foti for “having in the 25th minute of the second half, getting up from the bench, contested an arbitration decision by repeatedly addressing a disrespectful criticism to the match officials aloud”.