The digital distribution spin up by Universal Music will cease to exist on December 1st, 2022. Unsigned artists could use the service to upload their music to streaming platforms.

    As early as May 2022, there was an announcement that the service provider only wanted to work with selected artists. Since June you could only use Spinnup by invitation. It is unclear whether they have turned their users away with this decision and the service has to be discontinued as a result.

    Any remaining artists who continue to use the service will now have to look at other options as well. The earnings earned through Spinnup are to be paid out for up to nine months after hiring. For most artists, this is 100% of the proceeds. Spinnup only charges fixed fees such as 9.99 euros for a single release.

    Founded in 2013, Spinnup provided a stepping stone for many artists to market their songs without signing and keep all proceeds (apart from royalties) for themselves. According to Universal, around 100,000 artists were registered on Spinnup in 2016.