Status: 06/24/2022 12:38 p.m

    After a fantastic race to catch up, the Coburg women secured the German championship title in speed canoe polo. Everything spoke for Berlin at the break.

    In the 3-2 win on Friday (June 24th, 2022), PSC Coburg had actually already played at eye level in the first half, but KCNW Berlin was much more effective and made two goals from two chances.

    More precise and closer to opponents

    After a fairly clear half-time speech, the Coburg women were much closer to their opponents in the second round, blocked several balls and now found the necessary precision in their own shots.

    After the early connection to 1: 2, noticeable uncertainty spread in Berlin, which Coburg used to equalize and finally to score the winning goal.

    Bronze goes to Duisburg

    1. Meidericher KC had previously secured the bronze medal by beating Rothe Mühle Essen 5:1 in the derby. Meiderich lost 3-1 to Berlin in the semifinals, Essen lost 6-2 to Coburg.

    Speed ​​canoe polo is a team sport in which two teams of four players compete against each other and is played on water. The players sit in single kayaks and try to get the ball into the opponent’s goal with their hands or sometimes with a paddle. All team members play both offense and defense.

    team to Duisburg

    The goal is two meters above the water surface and is defended with the paddle. The playing time is ten minutes twice and an attack can last a maximum of 30 seconds.

    German men and women hold world championship titles

    Canoe polo has been a program sport at the World Games since 2001. Germany is one of the most successful nations here. The German men and women are current World Games winners and world champions, the men’s team also holds the European championship title.