Smildeger victim of catalyst thief: ‘See the humor in it’

Klok’s eyes fall on a note taped to his windshield. There he was made aware of an event from earlier that week: a thief was busy removing the catalytic converter from under his car with big guns. The video is now up dumper to go around. “Those were the craziest five minutes of my life,” Klok jokes.

The catalyst thief was caught trying to steal the valuable object. A passerby filmed it, after which the video was viewed tens of thousands of times online. Despite the observant passer-by, the thief was so focused on his prey that he later returned to steal the catalytic converter. A hard blow for Klok, because his car is therefore in the garage in Smilde. “Someone from the ANWB had made an intermediate piece in it, so that I could still drive to Smilde. There it is now. It will be completely repaired in the course of next week.”

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Klok reported the theft today. Of course he is disappointed that his car has been destroyed and the catalytic converter has been taken. “And it’s too bad the thief has come back to finish his job.” But he cannot suppress a smile when he tells the story again from the beginning. “Sure, my car is broken, but it’s a really nice story. I’m not really worried about it. These kinds of things happen, and it’s a shame, but I also see the humor in it.”

Value of a catalyst

Catalysts are stolen because of interest in the precious metals rhodium, platinum and palladium. A catalytic converter will yield between 50 and 100 euros, reported the NOS earlier.


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