Sjaan is back on the track! After her introduction in 2019, Sjaan will again fully enjoy the TT in Assen this year.

    From the festival, the campsites to the circuit, Jeanine Hofsteenge will spend the next few days looking for the ultimate TT feeling. At full speed, for 5 days, a new vlog every day.

    It was very hot today, so Sjaan delivered ice cream at TT camping De Haar. It was already fun there and the first beers were consumed. But there is still room for quite a few caravans and tents. More will be added tomorrow!

    Furthermore, Sjaan has asked whether the TT feeling is already there. That feeling is definitely starting to get to Rob Riper, the owner of Hotel De Jonge in Assen. Furthermore, the stages and outdoor bars are rigged and prepared for a big party! It’s still a bit the calm before the storm…