Amore is in the air with these two: Sophia Thomalla and her Nicolino

    Amore is in the air with these two: Sophia Thomalla and her Nicolino Photo: nicolino_hermano/Instagram

    By Eileen Primus

    HE looks lasciviously into the camera, SHE shields herself with dark sunglasses. Here we see the first love selfie by Simone Thomalla and her DJ.

    The TV star (57, “Spring”) and her new partner Nicolino Hermano (45) are now openly showing their lightning love on Instagram, which began a few weeks ago with a hot flirt.

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    BILD reported exclusively at the end of July about Thomalla’s new relationship, who announced the separation from handball player Silvio Heinevetter (37) in September 2021 after twelve years of relationship.

    Simone’s heart now beats in love with DJ Nicolino. “3..2..1 – mine” writes the musician to the cuddle snapshot on his account. Garnished with a red heart. The photo was taken in Berlin.

    The couple seems to live together very closely here. Because as BILD found out, the father of two already has a key to her apartment. A sign that the actress blindly trusts the Italian and is serious about the relationship.

    BILD learns from the environment of the two: “They are totally in love, can hardly keep their hands off each other.”


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