Chantal Janzen has an extremely surprising attitude towards the juice channels, which is exactly the opposite of Samantha Steenwijk’s. “They are also very often right.”

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    The celebrities world is quite startled by the juice channels. Many stars don’t know how to deal with it yet, while channels like Juice Channel and Life of Yvonne are really nothing more than the tabloids of the modern age. However, their impact is much greater and therefore those channels are undesirable for the stars.

    Chantal not upset

    Many stars are still very piqued to juice, think of Samantha Steenwijk. Clumsy, says Albert Verlinde in the Weekend. “I do think that people sometimes exaggerate in their response to those reports. I don’t think they have found a good way to deal with it yet, that’s it.”

    Chantal Janzen, one of the country’s biggest stars, is ahead of the troops. Her &C magazine is currently in stores with an entire issue on juice channels and guess what? The presenter has no problem with it at all. “Of course there is also a lot of what is true.”

    Victim of juice

    It has been four months since Chantal herself became a victim of juice for the first time. The juice channel Juice Channel claimed that her husband Marco Geeratz is unfaithful and that he would regularly be spotted in an Amsterdam hotel. Chantal reacted a few weeks later to the rumors: “I’m not going to pay attention to that at all.”

    Chantal now responds extensively to that juice from then for the first time. “He was still bullied here and there. Friends taking selfies at the hotel in question where he would do ‘it’. Incidentally, it turned out to be a youth hostel with only bunk beds.”

    Don’t dwell long

    According to Chantal, it is better not to scold Samantha if this kind of juice ends up on the street. “You shouldn’t dwell on it for long, because as a well-known Dutch person, believing you are safe in this ‘new’ world of gossip and backbiting about ‘stars’ is naive.”

    She also points out the importance of juice channels, for example in the The Voice file. “Of course, a lot is also presented that is true. Just look at the rumors of The Voice abuses that appeared on juice channels way before the BOOS documentary came out.”

    Sporty reaction

    Juice Channel, which brought the juice about Chantal in the spring, thinks that the presenter reacts very sporty. “And guess what? We are also featured in Chantal’s magazine this month with an interview about our view of the juice channels. Chantal has picked it up very well, because normally celebrities are often irritated when we have posted something.”

    Delphin Jacobs, one of the channel’s two administrators, told &C: “We understand that juice can be devastating to someone, but we don’t feel bad. We are not the ones who destroy a family, those celebrities do that themselves.”