Shelling in Luhansk, according to Zelensky 400 attacks

    Intense fighting has taken place in eastern Ukraine’s Luhansk Oblast for the past week, it reports UK Ministry of Defence Monday in a daily update on the war. The fighting was mainly concentrated around the town of Svatove, which, as an important center in Luhansk, is now “most likely a political priority” for Moscow, the British said.

    Russia withdrew from the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson two weeks ago and then focused on defending its frontline in the east. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said last weekend that Russia is strengthening troops in Luhansk and that nearly 400 Russian attacks have been carried out on Ukraine in the Donbas region on Sunday. “Unfortunately, the number of Russian shellings remains extremely high,” the president said in a televised speech on Sunday.

    Zelensky also claimed that his troops in Luhansk are moving slowly, but did not provide further details. According to British intelligence, Russia’s defense positions are “almost certainly” partly manned by poorly trained mobilized reservists. “Russia’s defensive and offensive capabilities continue to be hampered by serious shortages of ammunition and trained personnel,” the ministry said.

    A Ukrainian soldier fires an empty shell casing in the Donetsk region. Photo Libkos/AP