The Shakespeare Theater in Diever will play William Shakespeare’s ‘Antonius and Cleopatra’ next year. This has been announced by director Jack Nieborg. Last night was the last performance of ‘The Merchant of Venice’. In total, about 25,000 people came to see Shakespeare’s comedy in Diever.

    “All 25 performances were sold out,” said the director. “There was a lot of interest.” According to Nieborg, the weather is also one of the reasons that it was a successful season. “We have had very nice warm evenings and no thunderstorms.”

    The last performance almost fell apart. “It was exciting for a while, but people take it into account and are packed in the room. That was a bit of a shock for us too, suddenly someone with a fluorescent rain suit was sitting in the front row. We suddenly had a kind of glowing ball in front of us. U.S.”

    With ‘Antonius and Cleopatra’ there will be a completely new performance in Diever, according to Nieborg. He is already working on translating the piece and work is also being done on the poster of the performance.

    Nieborg hopes to be able to put on another successful performance. “We now had a walking route through the village with light artworks. Groups of people were also standing in the parking lot near the theater, because a portrait of Shakespeare was projected on a tree.”