SEW handball players present Jacobs and Oude Voshaar and see Gooyers leave

With a view to next season, SEW has already received the first transfers. Dagmar Oude Voshaar and Ashley Jacobs will strengthen the selection of handball players from Nibbixwoud. SEW previously fished back old acquaintance Lysanne Huele. On the other hand, Naomi Gooyers has left, who will play handball at VOC.

With the two handball players, SEW brings in two people in their twenties. Build-up player Oude Voshaar comes over from competitor DSVD, where she was one of the trendsetters. The handball player from Overijssel hopes to take the next step in her career with last season’s number four.

“I expect to continue the upward trend with the team and to climb to an even higher level together with my fellow players. I hope that I can become an important player and who knows, maybe go abroad in a few years,” says Oude Voshaar .

Jacobs comes over from handball club V&L. After the loss of NoĆ«lle Kistemaker, coach Michael Vijverberg was looking for a new player for the right corner. After a search, he came across 20-year-old Jacobs. “I was very well received by my upcoming teammates and I am confident that we will have a good season. I would like to win the national title. In addition, I have the ambition to eventually play abroad,” says Jacobs.

SEW closes the season against Velo next weekend. With the blue and whites, Eline Wit, Sharon Noordermeer and Britt Koopman wave goodbye to the home crowd, because they stop playing handball. If SEW wins the match, the club will finish in third place.