The appointments of the referees for the first day of the championship are official: Prontera for Inter, Rapuano for Juventus-Sassuolo

    Maria Sole Ferrieri Caputi will start from Serie B, Saturday night in Modena-Frosinone: no Serie A, yet, but it will be shortly for the ‘chosen one’ who has already refereed the Sampdoria match in the first round of the Italian Cup. The designator Gianluca Rocchi made the first choice of the year after days of preparation at Sportilia: Milan-Udinese, the approach of the new Serie A, will be entrusted to the military Marinelli who at the end of last season was stopped after considering (even after the ‘on field review) from a penalty a Medel-Aramu episode. The other match of the Milanese, Inter-Lecce, was assigned to Prontera of the Bologna section.


    The delicate race on Sunday evening between Salernitana and Rome will be entrusted to Sozza (Aureliano al Var), one of the best emerging players of the last generation and who last season showed comforting growth. Then, here is Dionisi for Sampdoria-Atalanta, Mariani for Monza-Turin, the “repechage” of Juan Luca Sacchi after last year’s stop at the championship final (Fiorentina-Cremonese will referee), then Rapuano for Juventus-Sassuolo, Chiffi for Spezia -Empoli, Maxima for Lazio-Bologna, Fabbri for Verona-Naples. Absent, for now, Orsato and Doveri, Massa and Di Bello will start from Serie B.