“I am not a friend of Massa like others in Together for Change“, said Patricia Bullrich on Monday, August 1 in an interview with Joaquin Morales Solá. The former Minister of Security does not waste an opportunity to throw darts at her internal PRO opponent, Horacio Rodriguez Larretawho is a close friend of the brand new Super Minister of Economy.

    Rodriguez Larreta Y Serge Massa They have known each other since the 1990s, when they were both promising young politicians. His wives were also close friends, to the point that his ex-partner Rodriguez Larreta, Barbara Diezarranged the wedding between Massa and Malena Galmarini in 2001.

    The Head of Government of Buenos Aires approached Massa with Maria Eugenia Vidal in 2015 to achieve a productive coexistence for both spaces during the years of Mauricio Macri. Even at the beginning of the administration, Massa was a fundamental ally of the macrismo. During those years, his coexistence with Vidal was so positive that the president of the Buenos Aires Chamber of Deputies was Jorge Sarghini, a Massa man.

    When Massa had a fight with Macri, who nicknamed him “Ventajita” for his always conditioned support, Vidal also distanced himself. Federico Salvai, the chief of staff of the then governor, began to weave agreements with Martín Insaurralde, something that the Tigrens did not like and the provincial alliance fell. The war continues to this day. To such an extent that Vidal at some point threatened to remove the Presidency of Deputies from the Government. Massa, as a corrective, in the distribution of Deputies’ offices gave him one that is under construction and, for unknown reasons, the workers are very slow with the repairs. Vidal still could not occupy his office.

    In Together for Change Massa’s list of friends is long and ancient. With Christian Ritondo They are united by a relationship that exceeds two decades. Same with Emilio Monzowith whom he shared militancy at UCeDé, where he also met Carlos Maslatón, who celebrated his arrival at the Ministry of Economy and also slipped that Massa had banked the campaign of Javier Milei in 2021.

    Via Monzo He established a good relationship with former deputy Nicolás Massot, who today is a councilor in Tigre. There, in the district of the Massa-Galmarini, Julio Zamora governs today, who usually complains that the massismo, in order to block projects in the Deliberative Council, usually plays a double game with Massot: the massistas abstain and Massot works against it. It is the cost that Zamora pays for separating from his former boss.

    by RN

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