Serge Berten was murdered 40 years ago in Guatemala: students make documentary

    The court case is still ongoing, and just now the indictment chamber has decided that five people from Guatemala must be tried here before the court of assizes.

    It has become a half-hour documentary, mainly with testimonials from family and friends of father Scheutist. They tell how Serge Berten stood up for the oppressed in Guatemala, against the exploitation of workers and Indian farmers.

    “The hardest thing was to really make a story in the documentary. We have a lot of people who tell the same thing in their own way. The hard thing is to find some kind of balance, that those stories match and those stories flow into each other “, says Wiebe Libert of Futuraschool Menen.

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    Just this week, a Brussels court decided that five people from Guatemala must answer here before the Court of Assizes, including two former ministers. An international arrest warrant was issued against them this week, but there is a good chance that they will be sentenced in absentia.