In the “iPhone Hacks” series, TECHBOOK shows you the best hacks and tricks for the Apple smartphone – with video and detailed instructions.

    The iPhone has had a long history of development since it was launched in 2007. Over the years, Apple has continued to expand the iOS operating system, often adding small and large, sometimes well-hidden functions. In the “iPhone Hacks” series, TECHBOOK shows you the best and most practical of these functions.

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    Secure iOS apps with code: How it works

    On the iPhone, the screen time feature to be able to lock individual iOS apps with a code.

    1. Open the iPhoneIdeas

    2. Go to the point screen time

    3. Press Use Screen Time passcode

    4. Enter any code of your choice

    5. You can now make your Apple ID to make it easier to reset the code. Otherwise click Skip

    6. Now open the app limits and click Add limits

    7. Enter the code

    8. Now choose from the given categories app from which you want to block (for example, Netflix in the entertainment category)

    9. Confirm your selection with Further

    10. Now set up the constraint 1 minute in and then press Add to (make sure, that at the end d. block limits is activated)

    11. Now open the restricted apps, a time control notification will appear

    12. After the minute is up, the app will be locked and more time can only be requested with the lock code