SC Elim makes mincemeat of NEC Delfzijl, Drenthina worries Achilles 1894

FOOTBALL – In the 2nd class J, SC Elim and FC Meppel had a great catch-up evening. Both teams took three important points in the battle against relegation. Achilles 1894, on the other hand, has to look more and more down after another defeat, this time at Drenthina and LTC seems to have dropped out in the battle for the title after the second defeat in three duels.

LTC, which won 0-2 against Achilles 1894 last weekend, went down badly on its own artificial grass against Oosterwolde. The middle engine from Friesland won 1-4 and that after a halftime score of 0-3. Because of that loss, LTC has ten loss points more than leader DZOH.

Achilles 1894 sinks further

The other second division team from Assen, Achilles 1894, went down for the third time in four matches at Drenthina in Emmen. It was 3-1 for the home club by hits from Twan Horstman, Janiek Arends and Roland Koops. Due to the victory, Drenthina surpasses Achilles 1894 in the standings. The team of trainer Peter Timmer is now eighth with 15 points from 11 matches, Harold Wekema’s team drops to tenth place with 14 out of 12.

Benjamins and Doldersum make mincemeat of NEC Delfzijl

SC Elim also passed Achilles 1894 in the ranking and is now ninth after a monster victory over NEC Delfzijl. It was 7-1 for the red shirts. Justin Benjamins and Mike Doldersum each scored three times and the other goal was made by Jan Benjaminst. Elim now has 14 points from 11 matches. NEC Delfzijl is fourteenth and last with 5 out of 12.

Camiel Fidom match winner FC Meppel

De Weide from Hoogeveen is just above that, in a post-competition spot, with 6 out of 11 and above (also in a place that means post-competition at the end of the season) is FC Meppel. The green and white won, after two defeats in this calendar year, cleverly at sub-topper Bedum with 1-2. Camiel Fidom became the match winner for the visitors, after Joey Mulders made the 0-1 in the first half and Mark Kruizinga had produced the equalizer just before half-time. Meppel has 11 points from 12 matches.