Sarri without Save the Children sticker in Atalanta-Lazio: what happened

Two versions, diametrically opposite: according to some, the Biancoceleste coach refused to wear the emblem on the day of the “Hunger Emergency” campaign, but for the club it was just a mistake by the press office

Refusal – and it would at least be an unpleasant action – or forgetfulness? In the hours following Atalanta-Lazio a case concerning Maurizio Sarri is mounted. The Biancoceleste coach – unlike his fellow coaches – did not put the number to make donations on the jacket and therefore made visible the Save the Children sticker in the post-match interviews. The Serie A League had in fact joined the “Hunger Emergency” campaign: videos, television graphics and stickers to underline the need to find therapeutic food, water and medical care for children who suffer from hunger in the world.

the two versions

Two versions of what quickly became a mystery. Diametrically opposed … According to some, in fact, the Biancoceleste coach refused to wear the campaign sticker and the League itself was blown away by the choice of the Tuscan coach. The club, on the other hand – underlining that it was in any case an optional initiative – made it known that it would have been a mere mistake of the press office, an oversight, and that Sarri consequently has nothing to do with it. Certainly the web – as always in these cases – has begun to fill up with guilty and innocent.