“It is a great honor to have been selected as one of the 10 people who have stood out throughout this year, an honor that I cannot attribute exclusively to myself,” said the Argentine director Santiago Mitre, within the framework of the recognition he received from NEWS as one of the 10 most outstanding Argentine personalities of 2022, for “Argentina, 1985”, a film about the trial of the Juntas that transcended the cinemas. Who also thanked Ricardo and Chino Darín and all the producers.

    His film is the most viewed Argentine production of the year, a world event with celebrated presentations at international festivals, He began his career with Pablo Trapero as a scriptwriter for “Leonera”, “Carancho” and “Elefante Blanco”. From films with a social perspective, Miter turned to films with a political overtone that later marked his course as a director: “The Student” (2011), the feature film with which he made the leap, portrayed the university militancy; Y “The gang” (2015)impacted with the rape of a young upper-class woman at a time when the “Not One Less” movement was emerging in the country.

    In 2017, with Ricardo Darín as the protagonist, presented “La cordillera”, political thriller that pivoted between the dark corners of power and political marketing. And after that premiere, she began working on what would be his biggest project to date: the film “Argentina, 1985” that rescues the transcendence of the historical trial of the Military Juntas and takes it to the world.

    “It was a very difficult film to put together, a very long research process. Nearly three years in which we were talking with a lot of people who were directly involved in the trial, journalists who covered, an intense investigation because we knew that it was a very sensitive subject. It was important to remember that trial, which was so important for the beginning of Argentine democracy and which now has such great symbolic value”, admits Mitre.

    One of the films chosen to represent Argentina in the preselection of the Oscar, in which Darín plays the prosecutor Julio Strasseraaroused the debate on what the return of democracy and the subsequent process to impart Justice meant.

    “It portrays a very important event for the beginning of democracy and for Argentine history, it works on a wound that I think all of society has,” concludes Miter after the presentation of the ffilm at the Mar del Plata Festival.

    A tour that stops “Argentina, 1985” and its director, Santiago Miterit’s not over yet.

    by RN

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