Sanne Erkkola’s rehearsals have been difficult, but the Oulu competition pounded.

    One week ago, Sanne Erkkola in Kuortane reached only 54 meters in difficult conditions. Elmeri Elo / All Over Press

    In the Oulu ranking competition, a surprise arc was seen in the women ‘s spear when Sanne Erkkola exceeded the 60-meter limit with a score of 60.18. The winning result of the race flew to his own record.

    Earlier this season, Erkkola’s results were five meters further away. His best 55.08 was born in Vantaa in May.

    – That’s one throw. I threw a low throw a little, Erkkola said after the race.

    Erkkola’s series was uneven. The first two fell to 51 meters, but the third shook the record. Of the last three arcs, two were left at 56 meters and one was overstated.

    She works as the spear’s coach Tuomas Laaksonen. The duo had agreed that the Oulu race would be full from the beginning.

    – Tuomas has always said that it is not worth throwing the last one if I started a little earlier.

    The exceptional throw was clearly different.

    – In others, the throw starts to escape to heaven, but now I got the tip lower. It’s not quite my own style, but the throw went where it belonged.

    The technique needs to be trained even more. The spear woman saw as positive that all other things were playing in throwing. The whole package only needs to be piled up.

    Erkkola has had a hard time training. The legs have worked and the chest has worked. The problem is that they don’t work together.

    – The upper body is terribly in front of the assembler. I can’t bet from behind, so the only place is to throw up, Erkkola thought.

    – You don’t have to change the style, but you just have to learn to throw correctly, Erkkola laughed.

    Erkkola will next be seen on Thursday in Oslo and next Sunday at the Spear Carnival in Pihtiputa.

    Ranking points were picked from the 60-meter race and the victory in the race so that at least the European Championship place in Munich looks even more secure. Admission to the World Cup depends on other throwers in the world.